Sunday, 21 September 2014

Strictly Need To Know

Hi there, I'm Sammy. I'm not new to the blogging world, I'm been flitting around FBL circles for a little while now, but I seriously dropped off of the face of the Earth and now I'm back, I have a new prerogative on things and so I figured why not start a new blog altogether, clean and sparkly fresh. I thought for my first post I would tell you everything about me that's strictly need to know.

I was christened Sam, I wear glasses as I have an astigmatism which means my eyeball is rugby ball shaped and not round, and I work as a waitress and I have done for two years since I left a Grammar School with A-Levels in History, Politics, and English Literature. I live with my parents and my brother in a small, somewhat rough part of the world just over the water from Liverpool. I have an absurdly large family, I love ugly dogs, stationary is probably the one thing I waste the most money on, and I am completely in love with bad American TV programmes (in fact bad TV in general is my passion). I can bake but I most definitely cannot cook, I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke and chewing gum and I'm allergic to exercise.

There's everything that's strictly need to know about me (and more), I look forward to writing more on here in the future, I hope to see you back again here soon!

Sammy xo.

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