Friday, 3 October 2014


Come on, admit it, you're guilty. It's 4am, you've wandered to the toilet, popped back into bed and here you are, having a quick glance to see what's happened on Facebook (and Twitter. And Pinterest. And, go on then, maybe Tumblr) in the 3 hours since you last checked. So, I'm making a stand, I'm here to admit that I'm suffering big style from FOMO; Fear Of Missing Out (It's genuinely, seriously considered a psychological disorder, go and check it out.)


I was one of those kids, a kid who wanted to know the answer to everything, and I wanted to know why. I wanted to know the gossip about everyone, I wanted to know the secrets to everything, I wanted to know who, how and where and I hated the idea that there were things out there that other people knew and I didn't. It seems inevitable, looking back, that social media would only serve to increase the problem. Since the onslaught of social media we've seen in the last few years, I find it hard to believe that there's many people out there not suffering a crippling fear of missing out. When the whole world is editing their life, adding pretty filters and cropping out anything seemingly ugly, surely it's impossible not to worry that there's something better out there that everyone else has got that you haven't.

But isn't it just human nature? How many parties and outings have I been lured into going because, it might be crappy to go, but I'm worried I'll miss out on essential gossip if I don't (also, I might be the gossip if my physical presence doesn't serve to deter it.) In a world where technologically based human contact is 24/7, and some people are willing to use that to their advantage to broadcast a carefully tailored life, it's a basic instinct to keep up to date with other people, in a way that really just isn't natural. Gone are the days of sitting at home wondering what exes are doing, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are here to work together to create a play by play scrapbook of his messy Saturday night. Gone are the nights of losing contact of people from school, you now have at least four solid ways to obsessively check what they're doing, and if it's better than what you're doing. Gone are normal sleep patterns, so much can happen in 8 hours, and if I'm awake then you best be sure that my phone is in my hand with at least one social media app open.

Isn't this mindset something we should have left behind with our barbie dolls? The idea that someone has a better toy than us, better clothes, a better house, a better relationship? The fact is FOMO isn't a psychological disorder, it's a fact of every day modern life, and when you're in it there's simply no way out. With technology providing us more and more ways to keep up with other people lives, it's always going to be at the very least a niggle in the back of your mind that you might be missing out on something really, really cool.

 I'd say drop me your opinions, but I don't want to disrupt you from any aggressive Facebook stalking, and there's so many tweets to be caught up on...

Sammy xo.

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