Friday, 10 October 2014

My Favorite Season: Autumn

I've always been a lover of everything cold and gloomy, it's in my blood. I love Summer, I like long holiday's in the sun and a few weeks off work, I love Winter, and my birthday and Christmas and the crisp cold, I love Spring, like Mother Nature shedding her Winter Furs and offering us pastels and delicate flowers as a peace offering. My favorite season though has always been Autumn. Absolutely nothing will compare to your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year, or the first night in listening to storms, or the first time you get to wear your big jumper. So, I thought I'd share my top 5 reasons as to why Autumn is my favorite season.

Vogue Bedsheets

1: Winter Bedsheets 
As you can see from the picture of my (rather messy) bedroom above, my winter sheets are already well and truly on. Mine are brushed cotton and from Asda, but you all have a pair of winter bedsheets and you know it. There's just something amazing about feeling snuggly in your thicker sheets and knowing you won't wake up bordering on heatstroke by the time the morning rolls round, in fact the complete opposite, it will be almost impossible to drag yourself out.

2: TV Shows
Okay, this is probably my number one reason, realistically, but I didn't want to seem too sad.  I absolutely love American TV and Fall is when all my top shows kick back in. Welcome to long weeks of Supernatural, How To Get Away With Murder and American Horror Story, you might notice I'm absent considerably more than in Summer. It's an addiction, you can't blame me.

3: New Fashion
Before you all go mental, I know that every season actually brings new fashion,but there's just something so satisfying about the first cold weather fashion of the year. Gone are the days of perfecting an outfit only to have to strip out of some of the layers before you're hospitalised with a fever, gone are the days of misconstruing the weather and ending up shivering in your (admittedly,  very pretty) scalloped vest top, That's the best thing about Autumn fashion, the more layers the better, and scarves cover all multitude of make-up sins.

4: New Candles
Although my best friend Ruby will actually tell you that Christmassey candles can't be burned until December 1st (and must promptly be removed from sight by New Year's Eve) there's something satisfying about knowing that soon, I won't be smelling blackberry and fig at night, but vanilla frosting and snowflake cookie will be making a triumphant return. You can take all your citrus back, give me all the honey and spice you can get your hands on.

5: Nights In
I'm a homebird by my very nature and so one of the best things about Autumn? People assume you want to stay in just because of the weather, I get away with the behavior I have to defend all year round and, even better, sometimes I get a mate to cuddle up to and watch "Brave". Basically, nights in become the norm, at least for the next three months.

So there you go, maybe not the most glaringly obvious best things about Autumn, but certainly the top five in my eyes. What are your favorite things about Autumn?

Sammy xo.

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