Saturday, 11 October 2014

Quarter-Life Crisis

In my opinion, there's just something insanely unsatisfying about hitting your twenties. When I was younger I imagined this would be the golden age, I would be working in a job I loved (or pissing my money up the wall at University), I would have my love life, social life, friends, family and a future career in the bag. Realistically? I could count my friends on one hand, I work in a minimum wage job, I have no future career plans and my love life took a swan dive right around when it began. You too? Welcome to your quarter-life crisis.

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Why is it that when kids turn eighteen we deem that they now know enough about simultaneous equations, translating Shakespeare and the cell structure of plants to be allowed out to roam the world  on their own, for the rest of their lives? If you took one look at me when I was eighteen, playing Papa's Pizzeria on Not Doppler when I should have been taking notes in my Politics lesson on the other side of school, it was clear to everyone that an adult I was not, and an adult life I would struggle to live. Is it any wonder that more twenty somethings than ever are suffering from this Quarter-Life Crisis like phenomenon? Your two choices upon leaving school are earn money, or spend all of yours  (and in fact even money that you don't actually have yet) bettering yourself in higher education, and neither are really ideal.

Leaving school was a real shock for me, I went from doing nothing to a full time job as a waitress, from gobby know-it-all to the customer is always right. I grew up fast, I learned to manage my money in a way I never knew I would have to, I learned how ISA's work, I set up savings accounts, I was suddenly buying my own make-up, clothes and books and my god, is life expensive! I'm nearly 21, I've been working like this since I was eighteen years old and honestly, I may have grown up in some ways, but I am still no better equipped to deal with most of the things that life throws at me than I was whilst I roamed the halls of my High School. I still don't understand how people make new friends, how new love blossoms out of something platonic, how to find a career and how to juggle work and play. I don't understand mortgages, I don't understand how to fix pipes when they break and I don't understand how screwdrivers work, even though I'm pretty sure it's straightforward. The thing is, in our twenties we are no longer the adorable set of ruffians that we were in our teens, we are now drifters, my parents might see an innocent little girl staring back at them now but in the back of their heads they're wondering what it will be like to live with me at forty when I have ownership of ten cats and I'm on the dole. The simple reason that most of us are in a Quarter-Life Crisis? We are on the cusp of adulthood and nobody warned us, nobody told us that one day we would be here, that change doesn't happen overnight. We are the inbetweens, and it is all too much and not enough in one breath.

So I say live your Quarter-Life Crisis, allow it to make the adult that you already feel like you should be. This is the last time you get to screw everything up guilt free. Just remember, in the words of the wise icon known as Tumblr;

"Nothing will ruin your twenties more than thinking that you should have your life together already."

Have you had a quarter life crisis? How do you plan on getting through your twenties unscathed?

Sammy xo.

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