Saturday, 4 October 2014

To Myself, From Myself

I am a notoriously bad hypocrite. When things are happening around me, I tend to think I have the clearest view in the world, but when things are happening to me? Well, suddenly I'm trapped in one humongous grey area with seemingly no way out. Recently, I seem to disregard my gut feeling more than ever and so I thought I'd give myself my top 5 bits of advice, in the hopes I might actually listen.

take your own advice

1: Do Stuff For (And By) Yourself
Don't be such a baby, you are completely limiting yourself by your unwillingness to do anything alone. You don't need to be mollycoddled or have your hand held through life; you have made it this many years on your own and you've survived. Walk strange streets alone, watch rubbish films alone, learn to be alone and learn to do stuff for (and by) yourself.

2: Don't Expect Everyone To Like You
People won't always like you, and if they did it would be really, really weird. Stand up for the things you believe in, talk about the things that you love, talk about the things that you hate. Talk about what makes you, you, irregardless of what you think that your new "friends" will think about it. Allow people to hate you if it means staying true to yourself.

3: Fall In Love More
Fall in love with people and things, fall in love with cheesy pop songs and books that leave you feeling weird for days. It is so easy to hate things, and so much harder to find things that you love. Love so many things that it spills out of you, talk about them endlessly, become known in relation to them. It's not bad to feel something other than apathy for the life you have been granted.

4: Make More Time For Family
Boys that want to kiss you will come and go, but family are forever. Stay up later than you wanted with them just to watch TV shows that you don't even like, go out with them so you can make sure that they all get home safely when you're drunk, make traditions that you will keep up with the family that you create one day. Make time for the people who have always, and will always, make sure they have equal amounts of time for you.

5: Learn To Walk Away
Forget what loyalty you think that you have to people or situations, learn to walk away from anything toxic. For the record, anything at all that makes you cry more than twice is dangerously toxic and should be treated as such.

So there's my top pieces of advice; from myself, to myself (although, as usual, I doubt I'll listen!) What advice would you share with yourself?

Sammy xo.

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