Sunday, 9 November 2014

Honest To Blog

In more than a few blogger chats lately, I've noticed a recurring theme. It's true that for the most part I've met a lot of you through your blog, and therefore know you as a part of it (or it as a part of you). However, lately it's been suggested that our blogs are something to us that I'd never considered mine to be before; Our Brand.

We've all seen the rise of the SuperBloggers, girls and boys that were once snowed in by a whole mountain of ambiguous blogs; just like we ourselves started out (or in my case,  still remain) and - just like Zoe Sugg has slowly become Zoella, Alfie Deyes has developed into Pointless Blog and Tanya Burr... Well no, actually, she just stayed Tanya Burr - brand recognition seems to be the final destination for a lot of bloggers. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on it. If I could skip the years of school that I've been considering to become a journalist and get a future through the blog that I so lovingly continue to create, I'd jump on it without so much as a second thought and - no matter how much they deny it - I think it's fair to say most other bloggers would, too. It just seems a little... Impersonal, I guess for me, to consider Little Fickle a cold, hard brand.

Little Fickle Phone and Laptop

When I set up Little Fickle it was for a number of reasons. It was because I felt like women need a more powerful voice and I was willing to speak out, it was because writing has always been my passion, to make friends, because I had too many opinions and just not enough people to listen to them. I brought Little Fickle into existence for a whole number of reasons, but to become "Sammy (in co-operation with Little Fickle Blog)" wasn't one of them. When, in the future, I set out to make a difference, I want people to know my name for what it is and as proud as I am of Little Fickle, I didn't create it as a part of that. The rise of new bloggers treating their blog as a brand is fascinating. It's inspiring, and admirable, and frustrating and sad all in one, for me. In my eyes the fact is that I couldn't treat Little Fickle as a Brand, because it isn't one, it's a place to come home to, a place for me and a place I hope the world will come to love as much as I love writing it (too cheesy? I feel like that's too cheesy.) 

Our blogs are our brands in the same ways that our personalities are; in such a raw, flawed and relateable way. They are a part of us, and I fall in love with blogs for the humor in their tone, the passion in the writing and the people behind them. I'm not crapping on your dreams, people. If you want to make your blog a brand then you go, girl (or boy), you work it and I hope that it serves you as well as it has done others. In my opinion though? The brand that comes naturally along with writing a blog that you love, and a blog that you are passionate about? That's the kind of brand that's going to take you far in life. So I'm not saying don't use your blog for a career, have a future in it if there is one, take every chance that is even remotely offered to you; I'm simply suggesting that - contrary to what seems to be popular belief - you don't have to set out to make your blog a brand, you're creating one simply by being yourself and continuing to write.

Do you see your blog as a brand? What do you think of the idea?

Sammy xo.

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