Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Non-Traditional Christmas Songs

I love a good Christmas song. Scratch that, I love a good Christmas anything - but people can't judge me in the same way when I have headphones in as opposed to when I insist on wearing Christmas Jumpers in public (on that note, though, Primark have some cracking light up ones at the minute). It's not that I don't love Wizard or Michael Buble - there is not a human alive, in fact, that doesn't love Michael Buble - but the fact is when I get home from a whole day of listening to Smooth Radio's Christmas station? The last thing I want is to hear The Fairytale of New York or Stop The Cavalry ever again in my entire existence (or at least until next year). So, I thought I'd share with you my top four Christmas songs that are a little less traditional than the usual suspects, but also are yet to be ruined by Smooth Radio Christmas.

Fall Out Boy/The Wombats

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy
"The gifts you'll be receiving from me will be; One awkward silence."
Actually pretty grim as the lyrics to Christmas songs go, but definitely one of Fall Out Boy's more impressive songs in my humble opinion. It's very christmassey to listen to, very true to Fall Out Boy's style and very high on my Christmas playlist. Think old school pop punk with a little bit of Christmas Spirit to soften the edges.

Is This Christmas? - The Wombats
"Turn 'Back To The Future' off, I've seen it before, maybe every year and more."
This is in my top picks for two reasons. 1: It starts with Les Dennis. See, awesome already isn't it? and 2: The lyrics to this are as if somebody has actually written about a real family Christmas. Forget falling in love and what happened last Christmas, this is about how crap snow is in reality and what Christmas day is really like for most of us. Plus, it's by The Wombats and they're pretty cool so - enough said.

The Wonder Years/TNBC

Christmas at 22 - The Wonder Years
"Let's turn on the TV and wait for Christmas specials, we'll make some frozen pizza."
Okay, so I've probably mentioned before that I have a weird amount of love for sad twenty somethings singing lyrics over music that doesn't really seem to fit and sort of really does at the same time? That's The Wonder Years in a nutshell. I love all of their music but this is a really sweet, nostalgic Christmas song about coming back from University at Christmas to all of the friends you had in high school. This is actually probably top of my list if we're being honest.

What's This - Danny Elfman
"What's this? They're hanging mistletoe. A kiss? Why, that looks so unique!"
Before anyone gets up in my grill about this, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas Film not a Halloween one, it starts and ends with Halloween but they actually celebrate Christmas. Now that's off my chest, this is one of my favourite non-Christmas Christmas songs. For those of you who've never seen the film this is the song from the scene in which the king of Halloweentown sees Christmastown preparing for Christmas for the very first time. It's sweet, funny and reminds me of my childhood - who needs any more excuses.

I love a non-traditional Christmas song so be sure to leave your favourites in my comments, I'm off to go and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, now I've reminded myself about it.

Sammy xo.

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