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Oyatsu Box November 2014 Quick Review

I am a sucker for both food and a good subscription box and so when I asked about it on Twitter and got some good feedback about it from Danniella over at Famous In Japan, I decided to make the jump and order myself an Oyatsu Box. For those of you who don't know this is basically a box full to the brim of Japanese snacks and candy, and so when it arrived I immediately called upon my partner in crime, Craig from Notes and Negatives, and invited him over to give everything a go and try a little Japanese candy roulette. I paid $25 for this box - which is just shy of £16 - and I was really impressed!
(You can buy some of the items from the Oyatsu Cafe website so I will link if you can get your hands on it there with a price that was the correct conversion at the time of posting.)

Tetris Gummies
(L-R: Masuya Rice Cracker // PuyoPuyo Tetris Gummies // Chicken And Egg Lunch Soup)

Masuya Rice Cracker  - Out of all the box this seemed like the worst offender so we hit it up first. It seemed too hard and almost brittle to be a rice cracker but we were pleasantly surprised, very much like an English rice cracker but sort of more densely packed with a flavouring that reminded me of BBQ sauce, I was weirdly a fan!

PuyoPuyo Tetris Gummies ($1.99/£1.29) - We really wanted to play with these but resisted the urge! The flavours alone are much like typical gummies in England (they come in Lemon, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Melon and Ramune flavours) but we had so much fun mixing them together to create the recipes on the back - which are pretty true to the flavours that they produce.

Chicken and Egg Lunch Soup - I'm sorry, I didn't try this (I have given it to my Dad if you're desperate for a review) chicken flavoured anything makes me gag and I cannot stand soup; this was a nightmare for me.

Green Tea KitKats
(L-R: Kuchidoke Pocky // Green Tea Matcha Japanese KitKat // Doreamon Ramune Gum)

Kuchidoke Pocky ($2.49/£1.59) - One of our favourite things in the box, but we both love Pocky anyway. This tastes like dark chocolate pocky but has a chocolate dusting covering it; it's a nice change to the milk chocolate/strawberry pocky which can be a little sweet, without being bitter.

Green Tea Matcha Japanese KitKat ($6.99/£4.45) - We expected to really love these, and Craig did, but I was a little underwhelmed. I like that they're mini KitKats and they're sweetly individually wrapped but they just mostly taste like the Cookies and Cream KitKat we already have here. Not horrible, just not stand out.

Doreamon Ramune Gum - This stuff is awesome. It tastes like a Japanese fizzy drink from what I can tell, I'm not sure if that's true but it's sort of berry like/fruity without being overwhelming. I love a good chewing gum anyway and this is old school in sticks wrapped in puzzle paper, I'm keeping these in my bag for work, maybe I'll do the puzzles if the bus journey to or from gets too boring!

Soda Marshmallows
(L-R: DIY Candy Neru Neru Nerune Otanoshimi // Calpis Soda Marshmallows)

Neru Neru Nerune Otanoshimi ($2.99/£1.90) - We didn't actually get round to doing this as it was the last thing we pulled out of the box and I wanted to do it properly and take photographs so we left it for another day this week. I am so excited to finally try and do my own DIY candy after I spend so many hours watching YouTube videos about it when I was younger. I'll probably tweet or blog it so keep an eye out!

Calpis Soda Marshmallows - Literally my favourite thing in the whole box. Japanese marshmallow seems to have a slightly different texture to English marshmallow, a lot springier but less sticky, this is filled with a gel core that tastes like Calpis soda (it sort of reminds me of Lilt? Like almost tropical.) I could have devoured all of these in one sitting but it's worth noting Craig hated them!

So that's my Oyatsu Box quick review, I'd really appreciate it if anyone let me know what Japanese food boxes they've tried and liked in the past, or let me know what you think of Oyatsu Box!

Sammy xo.

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