Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 - A Self Portrait

I started this year a very different girl. I looked the same, blonde hair that probably needs a good brush, long eyelashes, baby blues that fool you into thinking I'm a hell of a lot younger than I actually am (seriously, I still get a half on the bus - I'm 21). Don't be fooled, though, that isn't the case. I would love to sit here and tell you what an amazing year this has been for me and, don't get me wrong it's had it's moments, but it's been a hell of a lot harder than I've liked to admit. Having said that, it's changed me in a way I hope will serve me far into the future.

I could sit here and tell you how unhappy I've been with myself, and I could tell you how things have panned out for me in the last few weeks and how that's lead to me being away - but I honestly just don't see the point. Maybe in the future I'll delve into that and I'll feel a bit more ready to talk about it - but for now it's just negativity that I could be doing without. This year hasn't been perfect, but it's had more benefits than I ever could have imagined. I have gained so much confidence in myself, maybe not my physical self, but I am so proud of the voice that I have developed. I have come to put so much self assurance into everything that I write, an attribute I put down entirely to Little Fickle.

Photo mash up 2014

If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I would have started a blog and found a voice that slowly developed into a roar about equality, discrimination and current issues - I would have laughed in your face (or probably not, I would have been too much of a church mouse to speak to you at all) but here I am, a living breathing woman, with a voice of passion and a belly full of fire. I'm not sure how Little Fickle changed me so much, but I'm willing to contribute at least some of it to the people I've met along the way who continuously inspire me and help me develop as a person - most notably Summer and Lauren who have been rocks, comedians and therapists amongst a million other things in the last few months.

2014 has been hard, it's rounded me out as a person. It's so unbelievably overwhelming that I stand here, on the cusp of 2015, with no job, no plan and next to no money (I do have a ton of eyeshadow palettes though, so swings and roundabouts) but more than anything, it's a fresh start. It's a clean slate with absolutely no ties to hold me back. 2015 is a brand new year, I hope to see you all in it,

How was 2014 for you?

Sammy xo.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Friendly Reminders - Christmas

I don't want to be a dick, or get all unfestive on you; but just for this morning I want to give you three quick, honestly, genuinely friendly reminders about Christmas. All are things I am probably prone to forgetting at one point or another, and so I do hope they might help a few people along the way.

1: Not everybody celebrates Christmas/enjoys doing so. I do celebrate, even though I don't consider myself Christian. Some people don't, some people may choose not to, some people may celebrate other religious holidays; all are totally cool. Furthermore, Christmas can be really stressful for some people, some people have money troubles, Christmas and the holiday season have been known to intensify mental illness and associated symptoms in some people. All in all, you do you - but remember to be considerate towards others who may find this a hard or frustrating time, or may not take part in the traditions at all.

2: Which leads on to point two: be as tolerant as possible to people's seasonal greetings. I'm entirely sure that if you don't celebrate Christmas then "Merry Christmas" must be really, really frustrating to hear, and may even sound offensive. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I just want to say that definitely in my case and I'm sure in most others - if I say it out of turn, it isn't to be offensive or intolerant to your religious beliefs, it was just a genuine mistake. Use this as a learning point - kindly explain that you don't celebrate Christmas, but maybe take the time out to speak about other religious holidays or any traditions that you do celebrate. If at all suitable, the phrase "Happy Holidays" is a good all rounder.

3: Finally, don't expect constant cheer and cooperation all of the time. Even the most tolerant of people can find being around people every waking hour for an extended holiday period overwhelming. People need time out, people will have been up long hours, eaten and drank too much and may be grouchy. Allow people to do their own thing for a bit - even when you really, really want them to watch Doctor Who with you. I say this as an introvert; sometimes I just really need you to let me lie in my room for twenty minutes and watch an episode of Two Broke Girls. Thanks for the cooperation.

As I said, this isn't the Grinch in me coming out to play - it's just a genuine quick few reminders as we enter Christmas week. Have a happy holidays everybody... I'll see you on the other side.

What friendly reminders would you give to people?

Sammy xo.

Sex Clubs and The (Not So) Forward Thinking Woman

Let's talk about sex clubs. It's not like I've ever been shy with regards to sex, and you'd think with the one year anniversary of Britain's first female-only sex club recently flying by, I'd be rejoicing about the amount of women willing to experiment with the sexuality in such an open way - but I'm sad to say that isn't the case. The more I read about Skirt Club, the more angry I am with the woman who founded it. For too long bisexuality has become a neat little party trick, and this feels like that embodied.

I need to get this off my chest, the name of the club is Skirt. Really? As in "chasing skirt"? As in, how stereotypical and borderline offensive can we be without it causing controversy? Maybe it wasn't intended in that way, but if I was creating a club for women that was the first of it's kind I think I'd be pretty careful not to call it anything that could be translated in a derogative manner. Good, I'm glad that's out of the way - now onto the real important stuff. Founder Geneviève LeJeune (that isn't, you'll of course be surprised to know, her real name) is being hailed as a "forward thinking woman". That's interesting. Interesting as in completely bizarre and , in my humble opinion, wrong. A forward thinking woman would be one, I would say, that didn't base her exclusivity clause on a woman's face. That's right, to get into the forward thinking, progressive club you have to be - and I quote - "hot, very hot." She is quick to add that there are extensive questions and a personal meeting, ensuring their women have both brains and beauty - but it seems like if you need to pick, it's the beauty you need. Oh, and the body, of course, and watch out for the dreaded Primark pants Genevieve seems so horrified by, expensive lingerie only.

As baffling it is to me that women, undoubtedly judged at one point in their lives or another based on looks alone, would openly judge others in the same way - that's not the thing that really, really riles me about Skirt. The main thing is it's been advertised as a club in which straight and bi-curious women can come to experiment and then go home to their husbands. As a bisexual woman, that seems more than a little offensive to me. Bring your bisexuality to play, it says, then shove it back in the cupboard when you're done with it and settle back into your bed with your loving husband (who has, after all, let you out to play with other women. Out of the kindness of his heart, nothing sexual about it. If it was a man you wanted to experiment with, I'm sure he'd have let you go just the same.) Bisexuality isn't a new dress or an expensive piece of jewellery, it isn't - as The Daily Mail has called it - "cool to be a 'lipstick lesbian' right now". Sexuality isn't a thing that you put on and take off, it's a living, breathing extension of yourself and exploiting it as a status symbol? That just sits wrong with me.

Skirt isn't a forward thinking sex club, I'm sorry (although they do have some interesting talks on women's sexuality, sexual pleasure and sex in general). It's a sex club allowing upper class women to flaunt their exciting, interesting exploration of sexuality and invite their friends along (members do, after all, have to be invited by an existing member). It's borderline offensive, it's a step backwards and if it had been set up by a man? Women everywhere would be boycotting it, not begging the club to open more branches. Explore your sexuality, by all means, but don't do it because it's cool, or hip, or because all of your friends are doing it. Skirt is not a place for homosexual women to fall in love, Genevieve says - clearly bisexual women don't pose the same risk of falling for a woman. The claim seems to be, by Skirt, that bisexual women are really straight women who like to play with women once a month and then settle back in with their nice "adult lives" (another direct quote). You know what, Genevieve, if I'd come up with this idea - I'd be using a fake name too, I'm afraid. 

What do you think of Skirt?

Sammy xo.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Hot Drinks For Cold Days

I love a good hot drink. I mean, I say I love a hot drink - but, realistically? I absolutely despise milk. I'm a black coffee/black tea sort of girl, but it gets sort of, well... Boring. So, I've been on the quest for new hot drinks for the new influx of cold days, and I've come up with a corker of a top five. You're welcome.

Coffee and Tea Flatlay

This is a love/hate sort of thing for me. It mostly smells like peppermint, which seems to throw me off every single time. I really like this, the sweetness of the liquorice rounds off what can be quite overwhelming in a straight up peppermint tea - but I also dislike it because it sort of reminds me of brushing your teeth and then eating something sweet, it almost lingers in your back teeth. It's really similar to the Teapigs option, but a lot cheaper - so if you aren't sure if it's for you, this one's worth a shot first.

Peppermint Tea/Almond Coffee

I want to put this stuff in chiffon bags and use it as an air freshener, I'm not even joking. Anyone who knows me in real life knows my love of marzipan, and this smells like the stuff before you even get the lid fully open. It doesn't smell quite as nice when you mix it down, and it doesn't exactly taste like it smells but it is sweet and nutty - not an everyday coffee, but a nice change when you want something a little different.

This is my absolute favourite go-to coffee, or hot drink in general. The grain is stupidly fine - I'm not sure if that makes a difference but it doesn't make it a complete pain to clean up if you spill it (imagine coffee coloured talc...). Having said that, this is incredibly strong, has a lovely rich taste to it and is every bit as good as an Americano at Starbucks (not that I ever go to Starbucks, working in a small independent coffee shop...)

Instant Coffee/Lemon Tea

4: Twining's Lemon And Ginger Tea (£3.99/80 teabags)
I am a chronic bad sleeper and my mum is convinced this will help me. I can confirm that it doesn't in the slightest, not even when combined with nytol - but it tastes nice nevertheless. It's sweet without being overwhelming and, to give my mum her fair dues, it is weirdly relaxing. It has a stronger flavour than most of the berry teas that I've tried, which can sometimes taste a little nothing-y, and I'm a big fan.

This stuff is very much the one, in my opinion. It's not going to replace my all day every day Azera with this, but I like one of these every couple of nights. Much to my disappointment, this doesn't smell lush like the Beanies offering, but it has a smooth underlying taste of caramel which is really pleasant, and just makes for something a little different.

What tea/coffee would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Untouchables

At the beginning of the month, I read an astoundingly thoughtful article on The Independent, appropriately named "The length of my skirt is none of your business". More than anything, I wanted to share it on Twitter, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't for fear of backlash. What backlash, you may ask? The answer is simple. It was written by Chloe Hamilton. If you don't remember Chloe Hamilton, you might remember that Zoella article that was spun from her fingertips, that I spoke about in Feminism vs. Human Decency. Now, I didn't necessarily disagree with her original article, if we take away the harshness of the tone, but the fact is - Chloe Hamilton dared comment on an Untouchable and, as such, I feared that the sharing of her article would be erring on the side of career suicide - even though it was a completely different article I had wanted to promote. Writing that down seems ridiculous, she shared her opinions in an opinion piece; and yet the onslaught that happened afterwards attacked her as a person, made her name known worldwide in the blog world and, as part of this all? Cast her out as any kind of reliable source in the future. Based on one, single, piece of writing.

How did the idea of The Untouchables come about? Celebrities with fans so loyal, death threats and vile onslaughts are part of their every day lives to protect their hero's integrity. It's not just Zoella fans we've seen this from, but Directioners (One Direction fans), Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) and even the good old Beliebers (come on, you all know this is Justin Bieber who is, I am informed, still relevant) - plus countless others. In a blog chat a few weeks back, all too many bloggers complained about how scared they would be to write opinions about certain topics - for fear of how it might come back around to bite them. That's right - there are people out there too scared to share their opinions - not on people themselves, but just on topics that might include a negative opinion with regards to a (potentially) crappy thing that person might have done, endorsed or presented.

The fact is this - those celebrities with millions of fans? They're in the public eye. As much as it would be nice to think that we live in a world where the only things said about them, and the things they do, wear and promote would be positive - that isn't the case, as we all know. Bad things will be said about good people, and sometimes - those people with opinions that you don't like? They might actually be right, no matter what vile insults you throw their way out of principle. People make mistakes, and if the person you're obsessed with is in the human eye? People are going to take those mistakes and run with them - and I'm sorry to say that's all part of the media circus when you live your life in front of millions. People have opinions, and you can't shut every single one down via the use of appalling names and death threats, no matter how hard you try.

So here's me saying - speak out your opinions, no matter what. I got your back. Here's me also saying, you can't protect celebrities from every single negative thing, nobody is truly untouchable - and in doing so, some people are giving the whole fan base a bad name. Here's me saying, people are entitled to opinions, irregardless of whether you agree. Finally? Here's me saying, go and read Chloe Hamilton's posts, she has a whole lot more to offer the world than an article about a blogger.

What do you think about the idea of untouchable celebs?

Sammy xo.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake*

Okay, we all know I have a soft spot for sweets and, although sour sweets rank my ultimate highest, if it can rot your teeth, make you put weight on or wouldn't be out of place in Willy Wonka's factory? I'm all over that. So, when Bakerdays (maker of the intriguing little letterbox cake) got in touch and asked if I would like to try one of their Christmas cakes* I, of course said yes. I played it cool, but inside my heart was beating for it's one true love - cake. I have to admit that this isn't the first time I've seen their company, and I loved the idea for my brother who lives a good four hours away in Newcastle, but I honestly couldn't get my head around how a letterbox cake would work so I never tried - this seemed like my perfect opportunity for a test run.

Cake Tin and Cracker

It came in a cute but sturdy little box, about the same size as a subscription box tends to be, but not as high; and inside was a cracker and a little tin (which, interestingly, has air holes in - something I'm a huge fan of.) When I opened the tin, inside was my cake nestled, perfectly safe and sound. I have to admit, as we have a lot of packages arriving lately this didn't get the chance to actually make a swan dive through my letterbox, but taking in the packaging and the perfect state of the cake when it finally reached my greedy little hands, I would be willing to put myself on the line and suggest it would be more than fine. I, of course, being the princess that I am, picked their Christmas Ice Princesses cake* and was pleased to find the colours strong and bright, and the wording clear and easy to read (I also love the personalising option, a cake with my blog name on it! Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.) 

Frozen Iced Cake

The sponge itself has a lovely crumb (oh, hark at me - Paul Hollywood) and is soft and moist, the icing is good old school birthday cake icing which I'm a sucker for, so I really enjoyed that bit! If I had a little niggle with this cake, it's definitely it being iced to the board. I get why they've done it - to keep the cake in place during transit, presumably - but it is a little bit of a pain and can create a bit of a mess to get out particularly the first slice, it's nothing that can't be worked with though.. My mum, I need to say at this point, finds this cake astounding - I'm pretty sure she's going to order one for every single person she has ever known.

All in all, now I'm more aware of how the idea of a letterbox cake would work, I'd definitely consider sending one to my brother - safe in the knowledge it would reach him in almost pristine condition. Bakerdays do everything from personalised Birthday cakes, to cupcakes, to (my particular favourite, and something I could have used a lot of back in my school days) sorry cakes. There really is something for everyone, and at a fairly affordable price (my 5" cake, with 3-4 portions is priced at £14.99), it's worth considering - especially for those who don't live close enough that you can just nip round with a cake!

What do you think of letterbox cakes?

Sammy xo.

*Cake was sent by bakerdays in consideration for a review, however this has not swayed my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Looks Vs. Worth

I don't normally talk much about problems I still struggle with, I tend to focus on ones that I've overcome, but this week it seems important I share this with you. I've been on a small hiatus this week, as I've been in a little bit of inner turmoil. Lately, I've been struggling with my attitude towards things - and although this stems from my looks, and most predominantly my weight (I talked a little about this in my insecurities post), it inevitably impacts on other aspects of my life - this had this week included blogging. As children and teens - in fact, really even as adults - we are now taught to distinguish looks from worth, that one doesn't impact on the other. This is something I struggle to do for myself and, the more I think about it, the more it angers me that my looks have impacted upon my life and determined my worth for so long.

Let me tell you a little about growing up for me. I went to a less than average Primary School, where I thrived. I loved school, I thought reading was cool, I played hopscotch in the playground and I had a ton of cool friends that I'd known for as long as I can remember. When it came to High School, I knew that I wanted to go to my local Grammar School - my brother went to their brother school and at the time I thought he was the coolest thing in the world, so I applied. I passed with flying colours, although it meant waving my best friend off to another school (but she's still my best friend 10 years later, so it's all good), and I started the all girl's grammar school. Shortly after, I was placed into the Gifted and Talented programme, meaning that in my age group I averaged in the top 5% academically nationwide for the core three subjects - English, Maths and Science.

I quickly went from being the top of a lower level school, to the middle (at best) of a school full of confident, intelligent girls - but what rattled me most was how insecure I became. Unsure of my looks, surrounded by girls I couldn't see as anything but better and prettier than me day in day out, I started to lose focus and struggle in school. I didn't really notice this as much with my GCSE's, and with the bare amount of effort, I managed to scrape through with good enough grades to stay at my school for Sixth Form. This, for me, was when things really hit. I became obsessed with the way I looked - and so insecure that I couldn't even use a certain door to the Common Room as it meant passing the elite girls in my year, and I feared their judgement. I started to hate school, and all it encompassed, so I stopped going in. I would stay in a few hours then skip out, or I would be there playing bad games in the Maths Computer Room or reading magazines in the Common Room instead of being in the lessons that I should have been. Although I'd barely put any effort in - my less than great grades came as a real shock. Whilst all my friends went off to University, I started working at the Bistro and reveled in my new leaner body - all that seemed important to me for a really long time.

Now, the one thing that frustrates me the most in life is the fact that my baby face and blonde hair mean people talk down to me as though I'm stupid, I hate that my looks impact my worth - and yet I've come to realise that this is exactly what I let myself do to me, I have let my looks be more important than my worth - my intelligence, integrity and values - in my own eyes for so long that it's beyond a joke. I have reached the point in my life where I need to move forward, and I know that I need to start regarding my values and worth as so much more than the number on a scale, or the way my hair looks today, or I will let it overshadow my future opportunities like it has my past ones.

This isn't a post for sympathy - it's an explanation of my short absence, it's a promise for the future and, all in all, it's something I hope will make you think more positively about yourself, if you're anything like me. I am a girl made of thunder, I am all mouth (and too often no brain), I am fury and honesty and integrity - and I hope a hundred more things - and you know what, you all are too. The sooner we see the worth in ourselves, the sooner more others might start to regard it higher than our looks, too.

Do you sometimes let your looks impact your worth?

Sammy xo.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Working With The Public - Christmas Edition

Working with the public is honestly amazing. No, I'm not being sarcastic - for the most part it's really cool. You get to talk to people you wouldn't normally speak to, there's always someone willing to stop for a chat, you spend a huge majority of your day laughing and joking with people from all different walks of life. Having said that, when Christmas comes around, working with the public can turn a little, well, sour. Here's some of the reasons working with the public at Christmas can really take it's toll.

1) You've been Celebrating Christmas Since October
Even if you haven't knowingly done it; you've been celebrating two months earlier than you had planned. By November you've already sold a fair quota of Christmas gifts, people are already asking when Christmas menus are coming around and you're so sick of the sight of glitter and baubles you could scream. By the time Christmas actually rolls around, all you want is a good lie in and the first opportunity to take that bloody tree down.

2) New Workers
'tis the season to be broke. People are either looking for a job where you work, starting a job where you working or half assing a job where you work because they're all pretty much 99% sure they won't still be around when January hits.

3) Impatience
Christmas shoppers, it seems, are on a tight schedule. Normal days in retail can be hectic anyway but with people checking their watches in queues because they have four more shops to get to before they close, or constantly checking the status of their meals because they have places to be? It's about twenty times worse.

4) Christmas Songs
On December 1st Christmas songs are awesome. I love The Pogues! Why didn't Wizard release MORE Christmas songs?! By December the 2nd? I want to personally smash every single copy of every Christmas song ever made and hole up in  dark room with some ear plugs. Christmas songs aren't as lovely when they're on repeat all shift, every shift. What sadistic bastard invented Smooth Radio Christmas, anyway?

5) "Finished All Your Christmas Shopping?"
You can have this conversation with every. single. customer that you serve some days. It's time for us all to accept that nobody has finished all their Christmas shopping; stop panicking friends, neighbors and shop workers by reminding them. Those who have actually finished will undoubtedly be bragging about it for all the world to hear, anyway.

6) Glitter
No but seriously, have you ever tried to brush glitter up? It's like a necessity to make a grotto out of it in public spaces, but when every single Christmas decoration around you contains some aspect of the sparkly stuff even breathing can cause flurries to settle onto your just brushed floors, you go home covered in it - Great, red and sparkly was exactly the highlighter I was going for, this season.

7) "When's The Last Date That I Can Get..."
Last, but by no means least, the one that confuses me most; Why do people always want to know the very last date for things around Christmas? You would never shop for a birthday present and think "actually, I think I'll leave this until the last possible moment instead of buying it whilst it's right here in front of me, now" and yet, we all seem to pick up things for Christmas at the very last second, to the point that we even ask how late we can leave it. This honestly baffles me every time.

Contrary to this post, I'm actually not a grinch but, just have a little patience with us poor souls working with you - the public - at this time of the year. We want to be at home, too!

Sammy xo.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Censorship - 10 Steps Backwards (NSFW, probably)

Although I've never been shy to divulge all the sordid details of my life, in the last few weeks you might have noticed my blog getting a little more sex positive. After chatting to bloggers through chats and on twitter, it's become clear that people out there are much more willing to talk about sex, much more willing to learn about sex; we are a generation that are pushing the boundaries, moving forward, we are more liberated than ever before - or so it seemed.until yesterday, when UK produced porn was seemingly silently censored. The new rules (which you can read a little more in detail on The Independent's website here) means that pornography produced in the UK will no longer be able to contain a whole number of acts that seem, well, par for the course in a lot of porn.

The feminist in me is angry, first and foremost, that some of this list seem to suggest there is something dirty, unpleasant or seemingly now borderline illegal in some acts primarily associated with pleasure for women. Facesitting and female ejaculation are both to be banned under the order, and yet the male equivalents are prominent in a huge majority of porn, I would venture to say. We already live in a society wherein women are too often made to feel ashamed of their sexuality and, just as we're gaining the tiniest bit of freedom? The idea sex isn't for female pleasure is reiterated UK wide. The idea behind the facesitting ban is supposedly safety, although many contest this, but if so surely the male equivalent poses exactly the same asphyxiation risk? Female Ejaculation has been banned because it is yet to be proved definitively that it exists - much like aliens which, quite rightly, are never allowed to be broadcast on any TV programme or film produced in the UK.

Some, of course, undoubtedly do pose some sort of risk if done incorrectly or unsafely - namely strangulation and penetration by an object associated with violence - but I struggle to see how banning these in pornography is going to make any sort of difference at all. Porn produced in other countries is readily available for the UK, these are acts that will still be readily available to view on a porn platform of your choice, only now they'll be lacking English participants. More importantly, the banning of these acts in pornography isn't going to stop people practicing them at home - so why are we banning them instead of using porn as a valuable tool in which we can teach people interested in them to go about it properly and safely to the best of our advantage.

The rest of the list of bans consist of; spanking, caning, excessive whipping, physical or verbal abuse (including consensual), Urolagnia (commonly known as water sports) and fisting. What confuses me most about this ban is that none of the acts themselves are illegal, surely this is just a matter of taste. The ban supposedly rests on moral judgement - but of whom is the question that rests on everybody's lips, I'm sure. This isn't a matter of moral  judgement, but one of whatever floats your boats - and surely this goes back to the old saying of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" or in this case, "if you don't like the porn, don't watch it." Instead of chastising people for the types of porn they enjoy, let's tighten up on the important things; making sure those in the industry aren't being exploited, making sure they are all regularly aware of their sexual health status and - where possible - educating people in the aspects of sex that could prove dangerous if not done correctly. Shaming people by suggesting that the fetishes they share aren't "normal" is doing little else except breeding prudish behavior, and the idea that vanilla sex is the only acceptable way. If that works for you, great, but if not? There's a thousand other ways to have sex than missionary and, as long as it isn't illegal, you go ahead and try whatever it is that you want to - irregardless of whether the UK officials have decided that it's "unpleasant" or not.

What do you think about the censorship on porn?

Sammy xo

As always be sure to be careful when participating in any sexual activity that brings forth prominent risks to any party involved, safe sex is fun sex y'all.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Fem-tellectual Launch!

Some of you may have noticed on twitter that I apologised yesterday for the lack of a post due to the simple fact I've been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. This has come about mainly due to working extra hours and being ill this week, but also because I have some exciting news! Today is the launch of Fem-tellectual, a magazine blog set up by the lovely Rachel from over at Happy Little Syllables, of which she amazingly (and very nerve-wrackingly) made me Deputy Editor. What started as a tiny spark of an idea on a chat a few weeks back has rapidly escalated into a full scale operation with a team of over 20 amazing bloggers, writers and women from all walks of life - and a whole array of topics that interest us, from Business, to Technology, to LGBT.

Femtellectual Logo

I honestly feel so blessed to be part of a team celebrating women for being the women we are in real life; women that wear make up and dress up prettily, yes - but also women that can argue politics until they're blue in the face, women who can blast out HTML, who know they offer just ask much to the world in intelligence as in looks. I have had the honour to read through some of the posts and I am honestly overwhelmed by the sheer enthusiasm, intelligence and passion behind these women - I can't stress enough how much of a treat you're in for.

I hope you'll cross over and join us, join in if you can, I hope you are inspired by some of the women that we have on board, I hope to see you over on our twitter. Today is the start of Fem-tellectual, but the future is bright. See you over there.

Sammy xo.