Monday, 1 December 2014

Fem-tellectual Launch!

Some of you may have noticed on twitter that I apologised yesterday for the lack of a post due to the simple fact I've been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. This has come about mainly due to working extra hours and being ill this week, but also because I have some exciting news! Today is the launch of Fem-tellectual, a magazine blog set up by the lovely Rachel from over at Happy Little Syllables, of which she amazingly (and very nerve-wrackingly) made me Deputy Editor. What started as a tiny spark of an idea on a chat a few weeks back has rapidly escalated into a full scale operation with a team of over 20 amazing bloggers, writers and women from all walks of life - and a whole array of topics that interest us, from Business, to Technology, to LGBT.

Femtellectual Logo

I honestly feel so blessed to be part of a team celebrating women for being the women we are in real life; women that wear make up and dress up prettily, yes - but also women that can argue politics until they're blue in the face, women who can blast out HTML, who know they offer just ask much to the world in intelligence as in looks. I have had the honour to read through some of the posts and I am honestly overwhelmed by the sheer enthusiasm, intelligence and passion behind these women - I can't stress enough how much of a treat you're in for.

I hope you'll cross over and join us, join in if you can, I hope you are inspired by some of the women that we have on board, I hope to see you over on our twitter. Today is the start of Fem-tellectual, but the future is bright. See you over there.

Sammy xo.

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