Friday, 19 December 2014

Hot Drinks For Cold Days

I love a good hot drink. I mean, I say I love a hot drink - but, realistically? I absolutely despise milk. I'm a black coffee/black tea sort of girl, but it gets sort of, well... Boring. So, I've been on the quest for new hot drinks for the new influx of cold days, and I've come up with a corker of a top five. You're welcome.

Coffee and Tea Flatlay

This is a love/hate sort of thing for me. It mostly smells like peppermint, which seems to throw me off every single time. I really like this, the sweetness of the liquorice rounds off what can be quite overwhelming in a straight up peppermint tea - but I also dislike it because it sort of reminds me of brushing your teeth and then eating something sweet, it almost lingers in your back teeth. It's really similar to the Teapigs option, but a lot cheaper - so if you aren't sure if it's for you, this one's worth a shot first.

Peppermint Tea/Almond Coffee

I want to put this stuff in chiffon bags and use it as an air freshener, I'm not even joking. Anyone who knows me in real life knows my love of marzipan, and this smells like the stuff before you even get the lid fully open. It doesn't smell quite as nice when you mix it down, and it doesn't exactly taste like it smells but it is sweet and nutty - not an everyday coffee, but a nice change when you want something a little different.

This is my absolute favourite go-to coffee, or hot drink in general. The grain is stupidly fine - I'm not sure if that makes a difference but it doesn't make it a complete pain to clean up if you spill it (imagine coffee coloured talc...). Having said that, this is incredibly strong, has a lovely rich taste to it and is every bit as good as an Americano at Starbucks (not that I ever go to Starbucks, working in a small independent coffee shop...)

Instant Coffee/Lemon Tea

4: Twining's Lemon And Ginger Tea (£3.99/80 teabags)
I am a chronic bad sleeper and my mum is convinced this will help me. I can confirm that it doesn't in the slightest, not even when combined with nytol - but it tastes nice nevertheless. It's sweet without being overwhelming and, to give my mum her fair dues, it is weirdly relaxing. It has a stronger flavour than most of the berry teas that I've tried, which can sometimes taste a little nothing-y, and I'm a big fan.

This stuff is very much the one, in my opinion. It's not going to replace my all day every day Azera with this, but I like one of these every couple of nights. Much to my disappointment, this doesn't smell lush like the Beanies offering, but it has a smooth underlying taste of caramel which is really pleasant, and just makes for something a little different.

What tea/coffee would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

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