Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Untouchables

At the beginning of the month, I read an astoundingly thoughtful article on The Independent, appropriately named "The length of my skirt is none of your business". More than anything, I wanted to share it on Twitter, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't for fear of backlash. What backlash, you may ask? The answer is simple. It was written by Chloe Hamilton. If you don't remember Chloe Hamilton, you might remember that Zoella article that was spun from her fingertips, that I spoke about in Feminism vs. Human Decency. Now, I didn't necessarily disagree with her original article, if we take away the harshness of the tone, but the fact is - Chloe Hamilton dared comment on an Untouchable and, as such, I feared that the sharing of her article would be erring on the side of career suicide - even though it was a completely different article I had wanted to promote. Writing that down seems ridiculous, she shared her opinions in an opinion piece; and yet the onslaught that happened afterwards attacked her as a person, made her name known worldwide in the blog world and, as part of this all? Cast her out as any kind of reliable source in the future. Based on one, single, piece of writing.

How did the idea of The Untouchables come about? Celebrities with fans so loyal, death threats and vile onslaughts are part of their every day lives to protect their hero's integrity. It's not just Zoella fans we've seen this from, but Directioners (One Direction fans), Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) and even the good old Beliebers (come on, you all know this is Justin Bieber who is, I am informed, still relevant) - plus countless others. In a blog chat a few weeks back, all too many bloggers complained about how scared they would be to write opinions about certain topics - for fear of how it might come back around to bite them. That's right - there are people out there too scared to share their opinions - not on people themselves, but just on topics that might include a negative opinion with regards to a (potentially) crappy thing that person might have done, endorsed or presented.

The fact is this - those celebrities with millions of fans? They're in the public eye. As much as it would be nice to think that we live in a world where the only things said about them, and the things they do, wear and promote would be positive - that isn't the case, as we all know. Bad things will be said about good people, and sometimes - those people with opinions that you don't like? They might actually be right, no matter what vile insults you throw their way out of principle. People make mistakes, and if the person you're obsessed with is in the human eye? People are going to take those mistakes and run with them - and I'm sorry to say that's all part of the media circus when you live your life in front of millions. People have opinions, and you can't shut every single one down via the use of appalling names and death threats, no matter how hard you try.

So here's me saying - speak out your opinions, no matter what. I got your back. Here's me also saying, you can't protect celebrities from every single negative thing, nobody is truly untouchable - and in doing so, some people are giving the whole fan base a bad name. Here's me saying, people are entitled to opinions, irregardless of whether you agree. Finally? Here's me saying, go and read Chloe Hamilton's posts, she has a whole lot more to offer the world than an article about a blogger.

What do you think about the idea of untouchable celebs?

Sammy xo.

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