Friday, 5 December 2014

Working With The Public - Christmas Edition

Working with the public is honestly amazing. No, I'm not being sarcastic - for the most part it's really cool. You get to talk to people you wouldn't normally speak to, there's always someone willing to stop for a chat, you spend a huge majority of your day laughing and joking with people from all different walks of life. Having said that, when Christmas comes around, working with the public can turn a little, well, sour. Here's some of the reasons working with the public at Christmas can really take it's toll.

1) You've been Celebrating Christmas Since October
Even if you haven't knowingly done it; you've been celebrating two months earlier than you had planned. By November you've already sold a fair quota of Christmas gifts, people are already asking when Christmas menus are coming around and you're so sick of the sight of glitter and baubles you could scream. By the time Christmas actually rolls around, all you want is a good lie in and the first opportunity to take that bloody tree down.

2) New Workers
'tis the season to be broke. People are either looking for a job where you work, starting a job where you working or half assing a job where you work because they're all pretty much 99% sure they won't still be around when January hits.

3) Impatience
Christmas shoppers, it seems, are on a tight schedule. Normal days in retail can be hectic anyway but with people checking their watches in queues because they have four more shops to get to before they close, or constantly checking the status of their meals because they have places to be? It's about twenty times worse.

4) Christmas Songs
On December 1st Christmas songs are awesome. I love The Pogues! Why didn't Wizard release MORE Christmas songs?! By December the 2nd? I want to personally smash every single copy of every Christmas song ever made and hole up in  dark room with some ear plugs. Christmas songs aren't as lovely when they're on repeat all shift, every shift. What sadistic bastard invented Smooth Radio Christmas, anyway?

5) "Finished All Your Christmas Shopping?"
You can have this conversation with every. single. customer that you serve some days. It's time for us all to accept that nobody has finished all their Christmas shopping; stop panicking friends, neighbors and shop workers by reminding them. Those who have actually finished will undoubtedly be bragging about it for all the world to hear, anyway.

6) Glitter
No but seriously, have you ever tried to brush glitter up? It's like a necessity to make a grotto out of it in public spaces, but when every single Christmas decoration around you contains some aspect of the sparkly stuff even breathing can cause flurries to settle onto your just brushed floors, you go home covered in it - Great, red and sparkly was exactly the highlighter I was going for, this season.

7) "When's The Last Date That I Can Get..."
Last, but by no means least, the one that confuses me most; Why do people always want to know the very last date for things around Christmas? You would never shop for a birthday present and think "actually, I think I'll leave this until the last possible moment instead of buying it whilst it's right here in front of me, now" and yet, we all seem to pick up things for Christmas at the very last second, to the point that we even ask how late we can leave it. This honestly baffles me every time.

Contrary to this post, I'm actually not a grinch but, just have a little patience with us poor souls working with you - the public - at this time of the year. We want to be at home, too!

Sammy xo.

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