Friday, 2 January 2015

7 Cups Of Tea

I don't really know how to start this post, except to say - I don't like phone calls. This is relevant in that in the past when I've looked for someone to speak to, ringing a helpline wasn't really an option in my mind and it seems the same for a lot of people that I'm coming across. Due to this, I turned to 7 Cups Of Tea - a website with an instant messaging feature with a "listener" who is trained to support and listen to whatever it is that might be troubling you. On the few times that I logged in as a member to 7 cups, I found it invaluable to have someone just sit and listen with no judgement.

So, I decided to make tracks to help others and became a listener myself. I was accepted, and now I plan on giving around 3 hours a week to the site to listen to people from around the world who need the help - just like I once did, and sometimes continue to. 7 cups has helped me to realise that it's okay to need help, it's okay to help others and it's okay if sometimes it seems like too much and you have to take time out of helping others to help yourself. Many of us exist on 7 cups as both listeners and members, helping and being helped - it's a circle I never imagined being a part of, but I am so pleased that I am.

7 cups of tea phone screenshot

You can use my personal referral link to take a look at becoming a member of 7 cups - you can pick a specific listener based on experiences or knowledge of certain aspects of life, or you can speak generally to any member. You can also apply to become a listener as I did, and give up just a few hours a week at any time that suits you to help people out there who will find your support and taking the time to listen invaluable. There are worse ways to start 2015 than taking the time out to listen to others.

Have you ever used 7 cups of tea, or would you consider it?

Sammy xo.

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