Monday, 26 January 2015

Best Friend Glasses

At some point in our lives, we will all live a period of time wearing a pair of best friend glasses. I don't, obviously, mean that you're suddenly going to be nipping to specsavers together - but rather that you're going to have somebody in your life at some point that you will let get away with murder because them being your "best friend" overshadows what a crappy person they can be. It's human nature that even the most cynical of souls. like myself, want to see the best in the people we love - but sometimes you need to take off the specs, wipe the gunk off the lenses and take a good hard look at the facts around you.

False Friends Quote

My life has been one whole circle of a certain few people saying crappy things to me, me declaring I'll never speak to them again, them half-heartedly apologising and then me accepting them back because we're best friends, or we have a history, or whatever. For someone so stubborn and strong willed, I really am a doormat sometimes. If you read my depression post, you'll know this last year hasn't been a great one for me, but the thing about mental illness that really becomes stark when you look back at it is you realise who your friends really are, and who never were. This year has forced me to change what I need in relationships, it's forced me to tackle things head on and, I can honestly say I'm ready to take off my best friend glasses.

I've got news for you; you're all amazing people. Seriously. You are human beings that have made it to this point in your lives, you're all strong and brave and beautiful - some of you can draw, or sing or write, you have an abundance of talents - and people shouldn't make you feel like that isn't the case. Not even your best friends. Especially not your best friends. We form relationships in life in order to better ourselves, for support, to move forwards. Having a history with someone, or the fact that they hold a tenancy in your heart simply isn't enough to allow people to tear you down and make you feel inferior.

It's a sad but true fact that there will be some people you will be best friends with for years and when you look back you will realise that they never spent a birthday with you, never made the effort to make plans, never asked how you were or how your day was. You will look back and realise that those rose tinted best friend glasses aren't enough anymore and, you know what? That's fine. It's more than fine, because when you take them off? There'll be somebody standing there who genuinely has your back, and who is still rose tinted even without the glasses - they're the people that you want in your life. Best friend glasses are an awkward part of growing up, but you'll get through it - just make sure you look as good to other people when the glasses come off, and you'll do just fine in life.

What do you think about the idea of best friend glasses?

Sammy xo.

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