Sunday, 4 January 2015

Confessions Of A Borderline Shopaholic

In the words of the very wise and very relateable Rebecca Bloomwood;

"When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better... But then it's not, and I need to do it again."

Hi, I'm Sammy and I'm a borderline shopaholic. It sounds cute and fun doesn't it? It brings forth images of the very sweet Isla Fisher wearing her green scarf and shoving vacuum packed bags of clothes into a too small wardrobe. The fact is though, I'm not joking - and it isn't cute or fun at all. Shopping far surpasses necessity for me, when I'm sad - I shop. When I'm angry - I shop. When I'm proud of myself - you got it, I shop. As a result, every few months I throw away tons of clothes I've never worn with tags still on to hide the fact they're brand new from my parents, I have boxes and boxes of make-up that's been used once at most, I have unpackaged face palettes piled up with no space to put them away that easily date back to November. I am constantly dodging the lure of an overdraft or a credit card (if I wasn't such a poor liar, I'd undoubtedly already have caved. Thank heavens for small mercies.)

Boxes of Makeup

Shopping used to seem really fun, but the more people comment on it, the more I start to think that maybe - as stupid as it did, and still does, seem to me - I genuinely have an issue with it. I can't even go to the supermarket without buying myself a can of coke or a kinder bueno. So, here are my top 5 genuine confessions as a borderline shopaholic.

1: I have two ready made nail varnish shelves, around a metre across that hold two bottles width ways. These are both full. I have a bag full of nail varnishes that do not fit here. I have more than four metres worth of nail varnish if I lay them out next to each other.

2: In November I decided I liked cuddly toys, since that my collection has grown rapidly. Even I think the fact that I have more teddies than I did as a nine year old ridiculous. Also, I constantly need to remind myself that - as pretty as they are - I really can't afford to buy a new Disney princess doll every time I am out shopping.

3: In the last month I have acquired 6 new perfumes. 2 of these were presents, after I had received the two as presents I am not sure why I felt like I needed to go out and buy 4 more. Repeat after me - pretty bottles do not a necessary purchase make.

4: I have an entire shelf of my wardrobe dedicated to spare makeup. Makeup that I don't use. Makeup that is spare. On top of that I have two full bags worth of cosmetics and brushes that I consider daily necessities, and a whole seperate set of drawers that contain body butters, skin cleansers and a whole range of similar products.

5: In my wardrobe (entirely clothes - forget bags and shoes because that is an entirely different kettle of fish) I currently have 15 items of clothing I have worn once, never worn, still have tags on or I don't even remember buying. 

Basically, stick around - Little Fickle is about to get thrifty. I'm Sammy and I'm a borderline shopaholic... Only hopefully not for much longer.

Sammy xo.

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