Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nutz Audio - Swagga Sportz*

Before Christmas, I had a conversation with Nutz Audio and CJ who blogs over at The Creative Geek about earphones. In essence, it was a discussion between the two latter parties about whether most girls only cared about earphones if they matched their nail varnish - I did not, I was quick to tell them, as long as they went up loud enough to keep school children away from me on the bus from work, and stayed in when I had to run because I was inevitably late. Nutz Audio seemed to like this, and offered to send me some earphones to put through their paces. I received some of their Swagga Sportz* and some of their Swank* earphones - I've decided to review them separately as they're completely different in their purposes. I put Swagga Sportz through what I like to call the real life test.

Purple Earbud Headphones

Phase One - The Justin Bieber Test
If I wear these at full volume, will everyone around me be able to hear this cringey music I'm listening to?
In a word, yes. However - these go hella loud, considerably louder than the headphones I was using before, probably some nondescript brand I nicked from my brother. I can keep these on medium and have them loud enough to start drowning out arguing kids, and nobody can tell if I'm inwardly singing along to "Baby" (disclaimer - all references to me being a Belieber are purely fictional for your enjoyment.)

Phase Two - The White Rabbit Test
Will these stay in when you're (literally) running late, or do they nearly blind you by flailing around in a panicked way?
These have cool little detachable clip pieces that you can see on the pictures above. The rubber clips over the wires and you can use it to angle the earphones right to anchor them into your ear. Do they stay in when I'm running? Not completely, but probably better than a lot of earphones I've had in the past. They stay in well whilst I'm tossing and turning at night, and even through me sleeping - but the clips can get a little uncomfortable after a while, and they do slip from their position if you shift them around too much. Still - not too bad an offering.

Phase Three - The Wet 'n' Wild Test
Are these really sweat and waterproof?
Well yeah, as far as I can tell. I've worn them in the bath and out in the rain and they seem fine - but I think probably to be fair, most in ear buds would have been, too. I have a lot of hair to protect them from the elements and I'm not sure I sweat from my ears, but still, they lived up to their promise.

Swagga Sportz Case

Other things of note? I like that they have a case with them, I forever drag my headphones out tangled in my keys, or my hairbrush, or wrapped around everything I own - although these do, I can attest for, have tangle resistant wires. They also come with extra rubber earbud ends and an airplane jack, which are handy to have. The name feels like it's trying to hard on this particular set of earphones, but that's not that much of a bit deal unless you feel the need to tell everyone what the headphones you're wearing are called. Would I buy them again? Probably. I sleep in headphones, and I like to wake up with them still in my ears instead of wrapped around my neck. If you're an athlete or a keen sleeping to music type person, I'd say they're worth every penny of the £39.99.

Sammy xo.
*Products were sent to me from Nurz Audio in consideration for writing a blog post, however all views expressed are completely my own, for more details please view my disclaimer

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