Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Nutz Audio - Swank*

I mentioned when I talked about the Nutz Audio Swagga Sportz* earphones that they'd sent me another pair to have a look at too, and I was going to review them separately. So, all bow down the Nutz Audio Swank* earphones.

Nutz Swank Earbuds

I'm not really an earphone type person. I want them to work alongside Leathermouth to create a passive aggressive forcefield from the public, and I like it when they don't try to strangle me in the very little sleep that I do get (it's the simple things). Basically, I expect little from my earphones except for them to, you know, play music. My brother's always been big into treble and bass and sound cancelling, but basically - I don't understand those words, except I wish Meghan Trainor had never heard of them to write them into the world's most annoying song. I wish I could get all technical about these, but basically - I'm writing this for all you people out there like me. Layman's terms. 

These have RST speakers which, from what I can gather, means there's no stress on any particular aspect of the music - it's exactly how the artist intended it. Translated into real life - that basically makes everything you listen to through these sound like those amazing Tumblr songs that sort of flow from one ear to the other really seamlessly (do you all know what I'm talking about, or are you too cool for Tumblr?) I like that,  I think before I had an acoustic playlist playing through these I didn't realise how much earphones could change the sound of music. They also really do block out the outside world, a massive bonus if you find that as scary a place as I do - also, these suckers go loud. Like really, really loud - less than halfway cranked up these are about as loud as my old headphones on full.

Nutz Swank Earbuds Casing

Like the Swagga Sportz, these comes with a carry case, airplane jack and extra rubber buds - all handy things that I like to have. Do I like them as much as the Swagga Sportz? I sort of wish there was some collaboration between the two. I like the colour availability from the Swagga Sportz, I like that they stay in better during the night (these are prone to falling out more often) and for some reason the split on this cable on these seems weirdly short to me. I like the case better on these though, and the music quality is incomparable... It's a toss up, but provided you don't do too much running and can cope with waking up without your earphones in? Pay the £49.99 and grab these offerings.

Sammy xo.
*Products were sent to me from Nutz Audio in consideration for writing a blog post, however all views expressed are completely my own, for more details please view my disclaimer

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