Sunday, 25 January 2015

The A-Z of Sammy

Following Rebekah's lead I decided to do an A-Z of me; it struck me that a lot of you know about the nitty gritty personal details of life - but probably not too much about me as a person, so here it is.

A - Anger
I spend so much of my time getting irrationally angry about things, this often manifests itself as passive aggressive comments to ignorant people in supermarkets and me slamming doors - a lot.

B - Ballet
You'd never know it to look at me then but I took ballet classes from when I was four up until I was fourteen. I actually was really pretty good, I'm a grade four. You can usually find me standing subconsciously standing in third position whilst brushing my teeth.

C - Cartoons
When I was in school, I was an amazing cartoon artist. I can copy things out pretty much perfectly if you give me a reference point - I wanted to go and work for Pixar until I figured you had to be scouted and that seemed like way too much effort..

D - Dresses
Until I was about fifteen you would have had to force me into a dress, but now I'm rarely out of one. Dresses make me feel fierce, so does winged eyeliner, dark lipstick and high shoes.

E - Expensive Taste
Oh come on, you knew this was going to happen. I absolutely love the finer things in life - when it doubt, go designer.

F - Flats 
I only have one pair of flat shoes you're ever likely to see me in - a pair of kid's Nikes. I live for high shoes, and if you see me without them it's probably a day I'm not feeling great, or somebody's rushed me to get ready.

G - Grammar
I went to a grammar school and I often consider this to be the worst decision of my life. I struggled, I hated it and it was full of bitchy, mean girls.

H - Home
I have two homes, here on a tiny peninsula known as the Wirral, and in Spain in a tiny village known as Galera. One day I hope to reside in permanent sunshine with a dog, simple things.

I - Insomnia 
I go through months and months of periods of insomnia. It's exhausting and boring, it throws my whole life out whilst it's happening - but I can't complain too much because I get a hell of a lot done in the time I'm awake.

J - Jay
My best friend died when I was twelve and it was a huge turning point in my life. It made me see that I wasn't as invincible as I thought I was, it sent a shock through our whole community. RIP Jay, and love always.

K - Kink and Ink
Was what Little Fickle was originally going to be called - but we deemed it a little risque!

L - Loud
I am probably one of the loudest people that you'll ever meet, it's usually because I have to get my voice over a thrum of others people's. If I'm quiet, that's the time to worry.

M - Molly
I always dramatically declared that I was too selfish for kids, then my cousin had Molly and she turned my world upside down. My 3 year old shadow, the only person who can get me to run around Tesco, the kid I love most in the world, who turned my entire life on it's head.

N - Nervous
I have been nervous about pretty much my entire life since I was approximately seven years old. I try to push myself now, but know that I probably have a knot in my stomach 87% of the time.

For a few years in my life when I first started high school, I used to have to cross my fingers for a majority of the time or something awful would happen to my parents, I was also convinced my family were eventually going to kill me. It was a weird time, and one that I can clearly see now as a period of Obsessive Compulsive tendencies. Now, I only cross my fingers if things are really, really bad.

P - Parents
My relationship with my parents is complex, but they're the two people who've supported me through my whole life. I have an inability to tell them things, but they quietly support me from the sidelines through everything - I am eternally grateful, I love them more than anything.

Q - Questions
My dad brought me up on general knowledge questions, trivial pursuit and the good old car game of "what does that traffic sign mean". As such, I love a good quiz. It's in my DNA, I think.

R - Ruby
Ruby has been my best friend since I was four years old, I can usually be found laughing about inappropriate things with her via text, grabbing some food with her, or generally picking which bad CD to put into her car next. She is the bravest person I know, and also the one I am most grateful for.

S - Siblings
I have one older brother, Marc. He is cleverer than me, funnier than me and generally better at life than me. We're pretty close and I love him to pieces, he's amazing.

T - Teetotal
I don't drink. I have done in the past but choose not to now. I am still a ball at parties, trust me.

U - University
I chose not to go to University - mostly because I was terrified. And because I barely scraped passes on my exams. It was simultaneously an amazing and an awful choice, but now I'm looking at going to university after all, so watch this space.

V - Vegan
I am obsessed with vegan food and vegan restaurants. I don't know why, I don't know where it came from - I'm not a vegan, none of my family are vegans - it's just a weird thing about me.

W - Weddings
I am 99% sure I will never get married. I understand the concept of marriage, but I also understand that religion is not a huge part of my life and so the whole thing seems sort of redundant to me.

X - Xylitol
I eat a lot of chewing gum, and I always make sure that it has xylitol in. My brother's a dentist and I think he told me this is good for my teeth once. Or it's bad for my teeth and so I do it out of defiance, I honestly don't remember.

Y - Yolk
I literally never eat the yolk of an egg. I separate eggs out and only have the whites all the time. I think this probably started as a diet thing.

Z - Zeppelin
As in Led. This was a band my dad brought me and my brother up on, it was the band that made me want to learn how to (badly) play the guitar, it's a band I still sneak into most of my playlists even now.

So there you have it, if you didn't already know more about me than you'd ever want to - you do now! You're so welcome.

Sammy xo.

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