Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Beanies Instant Flavoured Coffee

My life is one constant vicious circle with coffee. I love coffee, I drink coffee, sometimes it keeps me up at night, sometimes my insomnia keeps me up at night, either way that fuels me to drink more coffee and then I sleep even less. Literal story of my life. Me and caffeine go way back, I've been a Diet Coke fiend (the bubbly kind, in case it wasn't clear) since my pre-teenage years and that grew until black coffee was the drink of choice. I spoke about my love for flavoured coffees back in my Hot Drinks For Cold Days post - and so when I was offered the chance to try a few more of Beanies flavoured range, I jumped at it. I'd been stone cold caffeine free (okay, coffee free, I still live on a diet of Tea, Irn Bru and Diet Coke - but I think the caffeine content is negligible) for a few months but hey, if there's anything worth falling off the wagon for - it's flavoured instant coffee (or a Starbucks caramel cappuccino.)

Flavoured Coffee Jars

This was my original pick, fuelled by a late night trip to Tesco where I found myself in the company of not one, but two of my ex boyfriends (only one of whom I arrived with). I'm not sure this is the flavour I would have picked under less stressful circumstances, in fact I'm pretty sure I just Supermarket Sweeped the shelves in an attempt to escape, but I find the marzipan, amaretto smell alluring in the jar. I have to say, this doesn't really translate to cup when the coffee is made up, it loses most of the sweet, almond smell and, although there's a pleasant underlying sweetness, I wouldn't say this tastes like Amaretto - that's not to say it's not pleasant, just not what I'd expect it to taste like.

This was my immediate pick when I got the chance to pick some flavours - but when it arrived I was a little disappointed, it definitely doesn't smell like chocolate in the jar. Don't be fooled by this one though, it's the dark horse of the group - when you make up the coffee, it's smell changes to a thick, syrupy chocolate aroma and out of all of the flavours, this one is the closest to it's intended taste. It takes away the bitterness of the coffee completely, without being too sickly. Considering this seems a bit nothing-y in the jar, it's probably my favourite one out of the bunch when made into the actual drink.

I'm a bit on the fence about this. The smell in the jar does have a sort of toffee smell, and it translates into the cup, but I'm not sure that it's for me. I don't know what it is about it; whether it's that I fully believe that the entire fun of cinder toffee is the honeycomb crunchiness, or just that the lack of chocolate make the cinder toffee taste seem a bit strange to me but this isn't my favourite. It is pretty much what it says on the jar though, that's just a personal preference.

This one is definitely losing out, out of the four flavours I've had at my disposal. The smell in jar is sickly sweet, and the vanilla/coffee combo has a strange tint to it which I find distinctly overwhelming, in cup it smells the same and, although not unpleasant, it's hard to distinguish any kind of taste underneath the coffee in this one - which seems strange to me considering the power of the aroma.

These jars are £2.50 each and I think that's a pretty good price, considering they handily have a screw cap and not a sealed lid like other companies that cause you to fling coffee all over your kitchen floor (naming no names, but I'm looking at you Douwe Egberts) - and I'm loving the fact that on the website you can also pick up a surprising amount of flavours in decaff (maybe something I should look into...) There's definitely a flavour for everyone out there, and although some are easier to distinguish than others, most that I tried have a pleasant underlying sweetness that's not to be sniffed at. Flavoured coffee is never going to be as strong as syrups, but they're also a better everyday alternative (and at 2 calories a cup definitely better for my waistline) and a fair bit cheaper. Beanies, I might have to try some other flavours to be sure - but you just might have a fan in me.

Sammy xo.
*Products marked by an asterisk(*) were sent by Beanies Flavour Co. in consideration for a review, however this has not swayed my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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