Friday, 13 February 2015

Being Taken Seriously

A lot of people have different reasons for why they started their blogs, and they have their own stories about how they adapted to become the piece of the internet that they are now - and I'm no different. I've been asked in the past four months why I chose the name "Little Fickle" - and with good reason, when I like to think of my blog as anything but fickle. The answer is simple, the blog was always meant to be a fickle little place, a place to discuss the trivial aspects of my life - a site that would indulge my proudly fickle side. However, when I realised people were listening, taking note, willing to discuss bigger issues, it changed something in me and Little Fickle became not as fickle after all, or at least I hope that's the case. 

Why? Well, I am twenty one years old, and I stand a little under five feet and four inches. I have honey blonde hair, insanely pale skin and big blue eyes, I'm normally wearing a dress with flowers on and carrying a Michael Kors bag. I never leave the house without make-up on, and I wear lipstick at every given opportunity. I have a real baby face, I still get a half on the bus - and all of this means that I'm taken less than seriously. For my entire adult life, people have talked down to me - as a waitress, rude customers regularly asked why I wasn't still in school, as though I had personally let them down, long after I had finished my A-Levels. I found myself growing a strong voice - born purely out of the fact that everything I said was diminished by the way I appear. Sometimes it feels like I have to fight to validate and justify every single thing I speak out loud, and it's more than a little frustrating. When people started listening to me on the internet, that feeling of being heard out was addictive, and it only spurred me on to write more, talk more.

It's not that my baby face doesn't have it's advantages, see the aforementioned point about getting a half on the bus - and my mum assures me I'll be more than grateful for my tendency to look younger than I am, in the future - but the fact is, I can't help but feel offended (if strangely satisfied) when people looked shocked at my offering of a well thought through, carefully worded opinion. The main charm behind the creation of Little Fickle for me was easy - people took my opinions at face value, instead of judging them against what I appeared to be at face value. Being taken seriously as a young person is hard enough, being taken seriously as a woman is hard enough, but when you appear to be both - it can be ridiculous the amount of times a day that my opinions and views are brushed off. It's not just me, a woman who looks like she wouldn't be out of place back in school, that will find a time  that they aren't being taken seriously - it will be all of us, for some reason, at one point or another.

Being taken seriously is hard, but here's the trick - never back down, or apologise for yourself. When somebody brushes your opinion off, you pick it right back up and defend it for all it's worth, revel in the shock that strong opinions can conjure up, make sure you never make another person feel like they're not being taken seriously. The only way you can be taken seriously is to make sure that you take yourself seriously, and it's truly something I wish I'd realised earlier. I have gone from a girl who felt like her looks impacted all too much, to a girl proud to put her face to her opinions and contributions to the world. So here's my promise to take myself more seriously (but not too seriously, have you met me?), and to try my best to never make anybody else feel inadequate at my hand (or, words, as may be the case). Never let yourself be taken any less than seriously, irregardless of what you look like, or your age, or background - you're worth more.

Do you find it difficult to be taken seriously? How do you overcome it?

Sammy xo.

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