Monday, 23 February 2015

Etiquette I Don't Get(iquette)

I'm naturally a horrendously awkward person (just to demonstrate this point, I've laughed at the title of this post for about three minutes straight) and there are a lot of things in life that have silent social etiquette rules which I just don't understand, at all. I brought this up on the bbloggers chat with a topic that I'll get onto in a minute, and it was strangely reassuring to find that I wasn't the only one. It got me thinking though, about how many things I wish I had the social etiquette answers to, so I thought I'd share them with you - in the genuine hope that someone can explain the etiquette that I don't get(iquette) (seriously, I'm hilarious, I know you're laughing inwardly).

Fancy etiquette

Shopping At Mac
Ah, the straw that broke the camel's back - the one that kicked off the topic. I don't understand shopping at Mac, at all. It's like a counter, but in shop form - like some warped Argos with no obvious system. I don't understand why there's no logical system - who do I ask for things? The moody looking girls doing makeovers? Do I queue and ask the girls behind the till? Do I look around in confusion before I inevitably leave on the brink of tears? It's always been the latter for me - but I'm assuming there's a better system than that. For the love of god, somebody explain to me how shopping at the Mac shop works.

Almost Strangers and Public Transport
We've all been there - you leave work and realise in horror you're headed out with someone that you know, but you don't really know. You make awkward chitchat for a while, only to realise that you're about to board the same public transport. How does this work? Is it acceptable to part ways and sit separately, or do you now both have to sit together in uncomfortable, barely-there conversation, even though both of you know that it's painful for each side? Am I still allowed to put my headphones in and blast heavy metal music? See, these are the questions!

Calling Somebody Your Friend
This is one I struggle with, especially as I meet more and more people through blogging. Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to call people my friend (not to their face, in a "hello, friend" fashion, more like when talking about them in conversation to a third party) but stop myself, because I'm not sure how well you have to know a person before it's acceptable to officially call them a friend. Is it only me that worries about this? Also, whilst we're at it - how old is too old to officially have a "best friend"?

When Is It Not Okay To Text
This is one that I really struggle with, because except for really formal occasions, or really sombre occasions, I thoroughly believe that there is never a time that it's not okay to text. I don't mean permanently attached to the phone, ignoring those around you texting, but more like dropping an answer or checking somebody's okay sort of text, a four second job. Is there a time it's never okay to text? Am I being really rude without realising?

Working Out If It's Flirting
This is the last one, but one of the biggest ones. What's the etiquette for finding out whether somebody is naturally flirty, or they're actually flirting with you? Is it okay to straight up ask? Do you just need to work around it until you end up making out or one of you ends up married? 

These are dilemmas that I hope might make you laugh, but genuinely - if you have the answers to any of them at all, I am begging you to share them with me and the rest of the world. Share the wisdom, guys! What etiquette are you unsure of?

Sammy xo.

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