Monday, 2 February 2015

StripTeas 14 Day Teatox*

Since I lost a considerable amount of weight a few years ago, I've tried pretty much every single diet, gimmick and weight loss option on the market to keep it off the best that I can. So, when StripTeas got in touch in the New Year (doesn't that seem an age away, now!) and asked me if I'd like to give their 14 day 3 step teatox* weight loss tea out, I couldn't type back fast enough to agree. This is the 3 step daily teatox, so in basic terms - you have three teas a day, morning, day and night and carry on for fourteen days; I think most teatox systems are pretty similar. I do, however, like that these come in different flavours - vanilla, berry burst or original. I picked vanilla and even my Dad, the world's biggest tea snob who firmly believes only breakfast tea should grace the lips of the English, admitted the nighttime tea in particular smelled gorgeous.

Stripteas Sachets

They come in three different separate coloured packages, which I like - I also imagine it would be really handy if you worked, as you'd only have to take the relevant pack with you. I, however, mainly  sit at home and watch RuPaul's Drag Race, so I mainly just like the sense of order it gave to my kitchen cupboard. They come in those cute little chiffon-esque bags, and are pyramid bags, both of which I like and strongly believe helps greatly with a good brew.

Cereal and Tea

Other things worth noting - I think a seven day plan would have worked better for me, I stayed really dedicated in the first week, but by the tail end of the second, I was sometimes completely forgetting about some teas - but that's probably a me thing and not a general thing. It's also worth noting that I didn't actually lose any weight, although having said that I did feel a lot less bloated and my appetite was probably lessened, whether that was a placebo effect or not. The nighttime tea didn't help me sleep as such, but it was a nice addition to a nighttime routine.

Overall, if you're really into tea, this ones for you - I imagine swapping your normal brew out for these three times a day for two weeks would really make you feel better. If you're more of a coffee girl, like myself, and so instinctively make the grab for coffee over tea 2/3 times? I'd say this is probably quite a long plan for you to get used to and stick with. Although this might help you feel better in the long run, I'd say don't expect to drop a stone in the two weeks - but use it responsibly and it might work alongside a good meal plan for some fairly decent results.

If you do want to order yourself a StripTeas 14 day detox, you can do here for £29.99, however they've kindly given me a 10% off code you can use too - just pop LITTLEFICKLE10 in at the checkout.

Have you ever tried a teatox?

Sammy xo.
*Products were sent to me from StripTeas in consideration for writing a blog post, however all views expressed are completely my own, for more details please view my disclaimer

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