Friday, 27 February 2015

The Cohorted Debate

Now, I hate to be one of those people that takes their issues with brands public - but in a modern day world, it's a game changer. Brands that could, and do, ignore your emails because they'd rather not talk about the content now face the public scrutiny of the issues if they're posted on social media. So, after weeks of trying to get something from Cohorted about those rumours about sourcing and discontinued products, after replies off some of the brands that they're selling on the site, and after some frustratingly vague replies to other people - I did something I'm not all that proud of (although suffice to say, it worked) and took to Twitter to ask for a statement.

Cohorted Box March

For those of you who missed it - Cohorted met their first roadblock when Benefit officially denounced any knowledge of supplying the brand with their products. There was a scuffle, but ultimately Benefit said there's little that they can do, but beware if you're buying product from them. After emailing other companies, both Bobbi Brown and Hourglass said the same (with Benefit further reiterating their point through email correspondence.) Up until Tuesday, Cohorted had stayed aloof and mysterious - then, it all changed. After posting a picture of the Bobbi Brown reply email, saying that Cohorted doesn't source from them - Cohorted suddenly found the time to reply. So did it clear up the confusion? ... Not so much. But here's what we learned -

1: Cohorted source from "reputable and established UK companies" and are "100% genuine" - they themselves are a registered UK company. 
To me, this seems no more clear than it was before they replied - it seems strange to me that they wouldn't just source from companies direct as opposed to even taking the risk with other companies, but take from this what you will.

2: They're more than happy to explain how discontinuing products works - multiple times.
They're not so willing to discuss paying nearly RRP for products that are months past discontinuation, some older - they will however tell me that these come from the brand, to a wholesale company and are then sold to brands like Cohorted. This process can take months, hence the age of the products when they go on sale.

3: They always price their stock fairly
We might have to disagree on this one. I buy discontinued make-up, knowing that it's in my hands if it's bad for me or it's out of date or whatever - however, I buy it basing the price on my knowledge that it had been discontinued for however long. I'm not sure it's fair to lead people into believing that they're getting current products at a bargain, when the products really might have been discontinued for months. Check your prices on Amazon, check the Company Cosmetics Store - make sure you know how much you're paying for discontinued products, and if it's too much.

So is Cohorted legit? Well, isn't that the big question. For me, there's just too much going on for me to consider buying from them. I find it strange they're not sourcing directly from companies, I find it borderline underhand that they're knowingly selling discontinued products to people with prices in line with their newer products. Is it illegal? No, Cohorted said they'd leave it to the discretion of the buyer, and obviously I would always do the same - but just make sure you know what you're buying, and be aware that it hasn't been sourced directly from it's brand.

What do you think of Cohorted?

Sammy xo.

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