Sunday, 15 February 2015

Will Of Iron Triathlon

Okay, full disclosure - I'm not great at sports. I fell over on the treadmill when I was in year seven and skinned my knees and shins because I forgot to let go, my dad and brother can tell you a hilarious (or at least they think so) story about me cycling straight into the back of a car - I wasn't good in games, in fact I regularly skived off. However, you all know I have that strong belief where I feel that we should be using our blogs for good to the best of our abilities. So, when Beth from over at Beauty In Beta posted on Twitter saying she was looking for blogs to help promote an event for a charity, and in return bloggers would receive a goodie bag - I jumped right in and promised I'd do it for nothing, especially when I heard about the charity.

The Willow Foundation is the only UK based charity that provides special days for seriously ill 16-40 year olds - providing hope and support when it's needed most. In the past, these have included everything from family stays and west end shows in London, to archery and quad biking. Now, they're asking for some support - in the form of their Will Of Iron Triathlon.

Triathlon Advert

I have to agree with Beth's post, when she said this isn't a task for the faint hearted - but it isn't impossible. You can do a full ironman distance (2.4 mile swim // 112 mile bike ride // 26.2 mile run), or you can do a half ironman distance (1.2 mile swim // 56 mile bike ride // 13.1 mile run). You can do the distances on your own, or in a group - you can split the distances how you like and do them in the gym, on the road, at home - it's completely up to you. It's £25 to enter, and the start date is May 2nd 2015 - from then, you'll have 7 consecutive days to finish the challenge. Simple, when you see it written down like that! Willow will support you every step of the way (and I have no doubt that so will all of the bloggers helping promote).

If you'd like to get involved, you can click the photograph above to sign up - or get in touch with Beth to see about collaborating and helping to promote. If you want to see the community that you're contributing to, you can take a look at Willow on Facebook here. It's a fabulous cause, and who knows - maybe it will be enough to get me back onto the treadmill practising to do one next year.

Sammy xo.

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