Wednesday, 11 March 2015

3 Things - Slang

I am known to speak a load of crap in that, I like to use words that I don't realise are regional and/or completely made up by me. There has been more than once where I've used words that seems to leave people a little confused, and so I thought I'd clear it up. Here are the top 3 slang phrases that I use that people seem confused by - and also that I think should crop up more often in every day language (Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's not going to happen.)

Dictionary Definition

This means cool but in the literal way, as in "it's bloody cold outside and you need a coat." I think this is a North West term, but I love this word as it's a term that means worse than freezing. This is slightly better weather than the worst weather you can get which seems to regularly be referred to as "Baltic"- there's a scale, don't stray from it.

Word In Use; "You'll need a coat, mate, it's absolutely frabs."

Lying, Yeah?
This is the stupidest term ever, and one I picked up in my job and now all of us seem to use it. This means along the lines of are you messing? As in, it's unbelievable what you've just said. I don't even know if this is a term outside my group of friends and the people that used to work with me, but I'm going to assume not. I use this literally in most sentences if you meet me in real life - clearly a lot of things in life are unbelievable to me.

Phrase In Use; "Then she was like 'I got a job at vogue', so I was like 'lying, yeah?'"

My mum hates his word, and for good reason - I used to use it regularly when she asked me why I wasn't staying in school today (which she asked every single day without fail). When I was at school we used to use this to describe who had ended the relationship, as in who had "jibbed" another person, but now it can be use for bailing out of anything. If you've skipped something, you've jibbed it off. If you don't want to do something, you can text your friends suggesting that you jib it off, or forget it - you get the idea.

Word In Use; "We were meant to be going the pub, but jib that."

So there you go, a handy little guide to the words that I use (particularly when talking to my family or school friends) and also, three things I truly believe should be added to everyone's vocabulary - you're welcome.

What's your favourite slang word?

Sammy xo.

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