Sunday, 22 March 2015

9 Things in 9 Months

I know the general trend is a good old 22 before 22, or a solid bucket list, but the fact is - when I turned 21 I was just about to be diagnosed with severe depression, so I really wasn't in the mood to make any future plans, never mind 22 of the suckers to complete within a year - and I'm too impatient to stick to a lifelong bucket list. Three months into 2015 and things still aren't great, but I've decided that although 22 things seems excessive, in the next 9 months I could definitely manage at least one thing a month. So, here's the list of things I plan to achieve before 2016.

Blue Bucket

1 - Go To Budapest
This was my 21st present off my Mum and Dad, and although I haven't managed to plan it out yet, I hope to get to go before Summer this year. Steeped in history and architecture, it's one of the places that's always been on my wanderlust list, so I'm really excited.

2 - Go To See Savage Beauty At The V&A
I am fascinated by the Victoria and Albert Museum when it hasn't got the best designs from one of the world's most influential designers within it's walls - so adding Alexander McQueen into the mix had me scoping out tickets as soon as I heard. The exhibit is on until August, and I really hope to get to London to have a look.

3 - Go Abroad With Katy
Some of you may know that Katy, who is generally fantastic and runs the lovely Lilac Scrapbook, and I are what we like to call "pals", aka. she is very special to me and has generally made things a lot nicer and more interesting. As such, I really hope she comes adventuring with me and least once this year (we're hoping for Poland, but our list of things to do together is ever expanding)

4 - Cut My Hair Short
I've had Rapunzel hair pretty much since I dropped a load of weight and left school, but I'm mostly sure this year I want to cut it off and go for something completely different. Maybe. We'll see.

5 - Get New Microdermal Piercings
After mine disgustingly rejected from my forearm and I was left with a fairly large scar, I always swore I'd never get new Microdermal anchors (literally permanent piercings that are implanted and are then anchored in by skin regrowth) but I'm coming round to the idea. Maybe in a less high impact place than my forearm this time... (well done, eighteen year old Sam - you were so crap at choices.)

6 - Get My Madeline Tattoo
I was obsessed with Madeline when I was a kid - it will forever remind me of my Mum and my Brother and so as soon as I have the money I plan on getting an original illustration from the book tattooed across my thigh, which brings me nicely to...

7 - Get A Career
Because careers mean money, and money means tattoos. And holidays. And books. Basically, get a real life adult job - or at least decide what you'd like to do for a real life adult job!

8 - Plan and Pull Off The Blogger's Sleepover 2015
I always promised that if I pulled off a decent meet I'd try a sleepover - #NWbloggersmeetup was at least a minor success, and so I'm pleased to say that The Blogger's Sleepover 2015 has it's plans underway already, and we're hoping we can pull it off some time in the Autumn (Seriously, think of the Sandra Dee scene in Grease, that's what I'm hoping for - except, you know, less bitchy).

9 - Sleep More
I have a severe phobia of sleep (weird, I know) that I plan to conquer over the next few months. Any tips would be fabulous.

So there's the things I hope to do (that are all surprisingly achievable) by 2016. I'll update you along the way, no doubt! What do you plan on doing before 2015 is out?

Sammy xo.

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