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Considering we only decided to make the meet up a full gift bag and brand affair towards the end of January - #NWbloggersmeetup was a long time coming and so when Saturday came round it seemed all a little bit surreal to me, if I'm honest (so much so that I remembered my camera, but forgot the battery...) First things first; apologies to all the bloggers who had to carry an insane amount of stuff right through town and to their respective homes - I swear down that it didn't look like that much until you all got it home and put it out for instagram photographs. I've had the unique experience of being part of a much bigger group who helped me plan everything step by step, and let me know what it was that they wanted (food, alcohol and stationary), so thank you all, I hope I did you all proud!

Amazing Cosmetics
Frosted Cupcakes
(Thank you, Hannah, for letting me steal some of your photographs as I neglected to take my own!)

I secured Kabinett for a venue, just outside of the hustle of the centre of Liverpool - and I couldn't love it more. It's industrial in all the right ways, has a killer playlist every time I go in, and they make a mean cocktail - I actually want to take a minute to say a huge thanks to the barman, Niall, who laughed along with us and even bought raffle tickets. After a lot of planning, it was lovely  to get to speak to the two lovely, Liverpool based ladies that came along to speak about their brands - Carrie from Junkbox and Lucy from Natalie Roche. Carrie brought a table along to showcase all her lovely bits and bobs, ranging from t-shirts to knitted hats, from picture frames to mugs - you can actually find her stuff in Rex in Liverpool - and it's safe to say there are more than a few bloggers who quickly became huge fans of Junkbox (and Carrie herself, it seems!) 

Lucy came representing Natalie Roche, who are UK distributors that represent Amazing Cosmetics, GLAMGLOW and Xen Tan. Not only did I get the chance to fire questions about Lucy's job at her (which is fab, by the way, but earned through hard work!) but we also got the chance to test out brands, and we even got a little goodie bag with brushes and samples in - I am so excited to give those a try. We also got some gorgeous cupcakes from Hello And... Indulge - which I am told were lovely, although I didn't actually try one as when I attempted I was batted away so people could take photographs and then promptly forgot. 

Inside Goodie Bags
Goodie Bags

Now the bit that you're all wanting to see; gift bags. I can't thank the brands that got involved enough (including Wild Thang who personalised our event bags), and I'm sure you'll see more about most of these things in the near future. We were very lucky in that Utility provided gift bags for each blogger alongside the already packed event bags, then we got our Natalie Roche gift bags on top of that.

Blistex Lipbalm

Estella Bartlett Necklace

Cake Pop and Macaron

I honestly hope you had as much fun as we did - and it was lovely to meet all of you (sorry if I didn't get to speak to you, it was hectic) and also well done to everybody who won raffle prizes, and we raised £80 to split between Freshfields Animal Rescue and Claire House Children's Hospice. I know this is a horrendously long post for me - but lastly I just want to say thank you to Katy, who was there for every last minute panic and tantrum, carried everything in and set up, did the raffle and literally held my hand right the way through - I couldn't have done it without you.

Hope you all had a good time, guys!
Sammy xo.

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