Friday, 6 March 2015

The Little Life Update

I've been a little quiet this week - but life has been a whirlwind of farm based college visits, birthdays, meals out and trips away. I've celebrated in Manchester with my longest standing best friend for her 21st, been shopping and eating with Katy and Emma, up to Newcastle to celebrate with my older brother and all the while in between I've been planning #NWbloggersmeetup which is now only a little over a week away and seems to have completely snuck up behind me and taken me by surprise.

Tyne Bridge Newcastle

I've had a brilliant few days but true to form didn't even think about scheduling posts and so I've been a little bit lax, but I plan to be back on form for Sunday's post - and I'll definitely be planning ahead for next week when it's full steam ahead with meet up planning on the last leg! Keep an eye on my twitter to see what's going on with regards to #NWbloggersmeetup and of course, as the photos above show, I'm still quite often around on instagram.

See you Sunday!
Sammy xo.

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