Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Pinterest Bedroom (Sort Of)

Some of you may know (in fact, if you don't know, you clearly don't follow me on Twitter) that I have, and I roped the beautiful Katy in for every single step of the way, been decorating my room. My room before was pure white, but with every colour under the sun jammed in - circa old school Art Attack studios - this time I figured I spend at least 67% of my time in bed, and so I might as well make it amazing - cue Pinterest ideas boards, and the new room was born.

Ikea Bed

I don't recall a giant Lotso bear being involved in any Pinterest boards, admittedly, but you can't win them all. A lot of you seemed to like my Carnival Light when I posted a picture so I thought I'd share the coolest little bits of my room with you.

Nail Varnish Collection

I'm big into photos, so the more that I can cram in, the better - and of course it would all be mismatched and uneven because that's me by my very nature. Probably out of all of the things in my room, I absolutely love the prints done by Matt Sharman the most - you can go and talk to him over on his site to see what else he can do, but they also sell his prints in Quillam Brother's in Newcastle city centre, if you're ever around there. Of course it goes without saying that no blogger room would be complete without two entire nail varnish shelves (me, obsessed? Never.)

Copper Rose Gold Accessories

My desk is always a bit of a mess I'm afraid, but this is one of my favourite parts of the whole new room. It means that I finally have somewhere to sit and draw, plus when it's tidy it really does look cool. Most of the stuff came from our local wholesaler, too, so it worked out pretty cheap. All the rose gold. Note the terrarium, the first thing that me and Katy ever argued about - it was a tense afternoon.

Hand Drawn Picture

A special mention goes to this lovely drawing of me, Summer and Lauren - done by the lovely Lauren herself. Pride of place on my wall, thanks, doll!

In true Pinterest fashion, I've made sure to hide all the junk so you think it's immaculate! Let me know what you think, I'm intrigued!

Sammy xo.

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