Monday, 1 June 2015

Clarel (Spanish Beauty) Haul

I've been banished from shopping at the mall until Katy arrives in Spain next week, so my make up and clothing hauls are yet to get out of hand, however - our local town has recently opened a Clarel, which is essentially a Boots attached to the supermarket chain Dia. I refrained from picking up too much make up as I know that me and Katy will inevitably end up in Kiko when she arrives next week - but I did manage to pick up some skincare bits and pieces for next to nothing which I thought that I'd share.

Bonte BB Cream
I am in love with their brand bonte. This is, from what I can gather, Clarel's everyday budget kind of brand - but in Spain to find cheap cosmetics, skincare and everyday use products like contact lens solution, toothpaste and shampoo is still a novelty, especially in a tiny village like mine. Bigger shops in the cities sell them, but a 2 hour round trip seems excessive, might as well just pay the extra! Having said that, Bonte has really made must haves affordable - plus their packaging is really sweet. I have a couple of foundations over here, but they're all quite heavy and, being as pale as I am, finding foundation over here can be a real pain. I did manage to get hold of this 6 in 1 BB cream in light for €4.45 - so I'll let you know how that one goes.

Last time I was here, I managed to pick up the bonte sensitive micellar water, which was about
€2.60 if memory serves - and I got along with it really well. It's soft and does a good job cleaning without leaving a weird residue like some I've bought in England, and so this time I got the matching toner for
€1.49 which I'm hoping will live up to the standard. I also got some sensitive masks to give them a go as my skin is quite bad, there's two in a packet and I think they set me back all of about a euro - so worth it even if they're not great, to be honest.

Banana Hand Cream

I'm a bit of a neat freak and I don't really like having dirty hands and so I got some wet wipe packs to stick in my bag, which ended up costing me €1.93 for 5 packs, so my mum has nicked some and I imagine some will find their way into the case back home! I bought the banana sunset handcream for around €2 last time we were here, but we only had hand luggage and so I couldn't bring one home which I was absolutely devastated about - but I'm going to stock up when I'm here. They do about 5 different scents, but this one smells like banana milkshake and could definitely hold it's weight against my favourite l'occitane offering that I have in my bag at home. I also got some cleansing wipes (bad beauty blogger) as they were less than a euro (90 cents ish, I think?) - I tried the sensitive ones of these last time and they were really good for stubborn eyeliner, but as they're mainly for getting make up off my hands I opted for the cheaper offering.

Bonte Everyday Cream

Last but not least I picked up a day cream for  €3.60. I stupidly forgot mine and so had to use my Bobbi Brown priming moisturiser the first few days we were here, which makes me weep at the amount of money down the drain. This is just a combination skin type moisturiser, it's got a soft perfumed smell to it but doesn't seem offensive. Only time will tell!

I'm sure you'll get reviews of these in the coming weeks - unfortunately I can't find any way of getting bonte back in the UK, but I'll be stocking up - and it's more than worth a look if you're off to Spain on your jollys this Summer.

Where do you go for affordable skincare? Have you tried any Spanish brands I should take a look at?

Sammy xo.

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