Monday, 15 June 2015


On the whole, I'm not a massive believer in that the universe supposedly works in mysterious ways. The universe works, in my mind, simply in a cause and effect kind of way - you reap what you sow, things happen randomly, each event provokes ripples and we ride these ripples randomly in a way that pans out a lifetime, a lifetime that could have gone very differently had we made different decisions, choices, mistakes. I say this, and yet - during the difficult times I've been going through, I'm tempted to say that maybe, just maybe, there might be a little more to fate than I'd imagined.

There are a lot of choices I've made that dictate how my life has panned out, and will continue to pan out in the future. I chose not to go to school too often when I should have been turning up, and that choice meant that I had little to no options when it came to university. Not going to university meant that whilst my friends were all meeting new friends, I was learning to play at being a grown up in the big wide world. I chose a life that left me bored, and that boredom turned me to blogging - I created Smekah, then Blinkered Barbie and finally settled here, at Little Fickle.

Girls in Sunglasses

Blogging led me to events, and events led me to meeting Katy - a very peculiar set of events led me to speaking to Katy more often, and soon we became a couple, so in a roundabout way; I suppose not going to school all those years ago meant that I met my current girlfriend.

Okay, it's a stretch, admittedly - but for somebody who struggles for some control over her life every single day, it's a stretch that I find somewhat comforting; knowing that the paths that I lay today might just lead me to brighter skies tomorrow. God might not have a plan, in my personal opinion, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a butterfly effect already set in motion for your life - so no matter what you're doing today, or how bad things seem right now, know in the future you might have already set something great up for yourself. Or, as the saying goes -

"May the bridges I burn light my way"

Do you believe in fate?

Sammy xo.

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