Monday, 8 June 2015

Summer Skincare Routine

I am so pale, it's painful. My Dad likes to joke, and has done all the way through my childhood when I inevitably burned and ended up looking like overcooked bacon, that my natural colour is pale blue, I go white in the sun and then, if I'm not careful, skip straight to bright red. As such, Summer really takes it out of my skin - I tend to end up with red, flaky and majorly broken out skin, it's a real curse. As such, I have to really tailor my skincare to fit the weather that I'm in, so when travelling to Spain and knowing it was going to be particularly hot, I figured the best thing to do was to try some new bits and bobs - When in Rome (Spain) and all that. You might have seen what I picked up when I did my Clarel haul, but I'll tell you what I've been using.

I've been starting with the bonte cleansing wipes - I know this is against every beauty blogger law ever set - but honestly, I can't risk leaving any make-up behind so I use these as my first hit. As make up wipes go, these are pretty average. They're on the dry side, but easily take off eye make-up and are soft on skin (I've used the sensitive ones in the past, but they're around the €1.50 mark, whereas I think I paid about ninety cents for these). Not horrendous, but I probably wouldn't use them on their own as I do have a lot of make-up still clogging up pores and whatnot when I'm done (maybe that's my skills though, admittedly.)

Cleansing Wipes

It's just purely because bonte is by far the most affordable brand in my village that everything here is by them - but I've also been using their sensitive micellar water and toner. At home I've found micellar waters to either be very sort of dry (I know they're a liquid, but I don't know how better to describe it) and leave a sort of residue, or to be quite, well, wet. This is definitely one that lies on the wet side - I find I have to sort of pat it into my skin, but it really does take the remaining make-up off, I'd definitely put it up there with bioderma (is that a big claim?) although it does smell quite flowery, which I'm on the fence about. I got sensitive in both this and the toner as I'm never sure how my skin will react, especially when I'm already up against the heat - but they've worked really well for me. The toner has a similar floral smell to the micellar water (I like it when things match) and leaves no sticky "layer" on my skin. My skin just feels fresh and soft, which I love. Not bad, when I got both for under €5 combined!

Bonte Cleanser

Last but not least, I've been using their everyday moisturizer. This reminds me a lot of a cold cream (I used to be a massive fan of using Ponds over here but it often felt like sleeping in a face mask, and this is half of the price.) but it sinks in incredibly fast, like to the extent where some nights I'm almost sure I've done my cheeks or forehead twice because I couldn't tell if it'd been put on and soaked in or I hadn't put any there yet. This has a less floral smell than the toner and micellar water, it's quite clean smelling - they do a separate spf day and night cream that I think I'm going to bring home to have a go at!

Bonte Moisturiser

All in all, bonte seems to be the Spanish brand to beat, especially at such affordable prices - I'll be stocking up to bring it home. For somebody that really struggles with their skin in high temperatures, bonte has definitely made it a doddle.

What are your Summer skin saviours?

Sammy xo.

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