Monday, 27 July 2015

Doll White 14 Day Teeth Whitening Strips

Now, I'm super self conscious about my smile. I have (as I commonly joke about over on mine and Katy's Youtube, cheeky plug) too much gum to teeth ratio, and with a chip in my front tooth - I always feel a little iffy about smiling with my teeth. I'm always on the look out for that little thing to make them a little less of an issue for me - and so when Doll White sent me a 14 Day Teeth Whitening Strip Set* I was super excited to give it a shot.

Doll White Teeth Strips

Now, disclaimer right here - I'm the sister of a dentist and so my oral hygiene (gross) is better than average I would suspect, so my teeth weren't particularly bad in the first place; however, as Doll White has no peroxide, I figured they were worth a shot (especially as said dentist brother couldn't have a go if they had no peroxide!) So, I got to grips and got using them.

Teeth Whitening Strips

The plastic strips inside each black packet have two gum strips inside, one flat rectangular strip for the top teeth, and one slightly curved, distinctly shaped strip for the bottom teeth. Using them is easy - peel them off, put them on and curl the excess around the top of your teeth. As easy as they are to use, I did find that some of the strips peeled off the backing plastic as I was pulling them out of the foil packets - not a massive deal, you can salvage them and use them, but it does get a little messy as you have to unpeel where the gel has stuck to itself.

Then simply leave them for 30 minutes and then peel off and rinse the excess (the excess gel is gross and very resistant, by the way, so might take more than one rinse to get rid of). So do they work? For me personally, not much - not enough that I feel the before and after pictures warrant putting up - however, for the 14 days that I used them, my teeth did feel cleaner. Would they work if my teeth were worse to begin with? Probably - and I'm definitely tempted to try a longer course to see if that makes a difference. Although they didn't particularly do much for me - for the £19.99, they're worth a shot, especially if you have pretty yellow teeth to start with

Have you tried any teeth whitening products?

Sammy xo.
*Products marked by an asterisk(*) were sent by Doll White in consideration for a review, however this has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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