Sunday, 5 July 2015

Happy Birthday (@)Katy(gilroyblog)

As we've lived our relationship almost start to finish over social media, it seemed appropriate that my birthday dedication would go on my blog. Many of you know that Katy and I are a couple and have been for a good few months now, and they've been tough and glorious in equal amounts.

Gay Couple

Every single day I am grateful that Katy is in my life, I am grateful when I wake up next to her, when she strokes my hair off of my face, when she proof reads my posts and gives me her opinions on the news. She really is one of the most amazing people to grace my life with her presence, and I'm so lucky that she picked me to put her future into - I can't wait to see what adventures the world holds for us.

Here's to your 20th birthday - our first birthday spent together. Here's to baths that take three hours to fill, here's to countless hours of Netflix we'll undoubtedly watch, here's to all the carbs we'll sit together and eat. 

You are amazing, Katy - so beautiful inside and out, so strong and intelligent and resourceful - I love you and have an amazing birthday. Hopefully by the time this goes live you'll have opened your presents off me and we'll be counting down the minutes until Domino's opens.

Sammy xo.

PS. Sorry for the soppy post, but you know that you all love us.

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