Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Nipple Piercing Experience

I was one of those kids - as soon as I was old enough (or could pass for old enough, anyway) I got as many piercings as I could fit in my body. I've had my fair share - from an industrial to my nose, from my tongue to a microdermal in my forearm. This piercing's been a long time coming - but I got it done with Katy on a bit of a whim, so I thought I'd share the experience with you (without photos of my wonky boobs, sorry.)

I was really nervous to go in - more about whapping my boobs out than the fact a needle was going to be shoved through one; but our piercer, Tom, was lovely. He quickly settled Katy down to watch, got everything sorted and then got me to take my top off, stand with my arms at my sides and he got to work with marking up my nipples. Now, I know some piercers won't let friends in when you're being pierced - but Katy being there (especially as my girlfriend) really helped, as it meant she could thoroughly inspect my wobbly bits to ensure that the dots were even.

Topshop Bra

Tom talked me through everything that was going to happen, explained that the piercing was going to be slow, and would go through the bottom of the "bud" of my nipple (flippin' heck, the more words I write, the more awful the whole thing sounds - bare with me!) and then lay me down. This was the bit that I'd been dreading - the clamp. I was clamped up quickly, which was uncomfortable but nowhere near as bad as when I'd had my tragus clamped to be pierced, and then he wiggled it back and forth to check the dots were still even.

Okay, go time. Are your eyes watering yet? The needle went in - and very, very, very slowly - I was pierced. This is a really slow piercing, as Tom had warned me - or at least it is if you want an even one. Taking a deep breath as he'd suggested helped; but it did hurt - although a lot less for myself than Katy. I'd give the piercing pain a 5 out of ten, and the putting the bar in probably rates higher at around a seven. All done, I put my bra back on, threw my t-shirt on and sat down to watch Katy yell her way through hers - all the while thankful we'd thought to grab a McDonald's between that morning's tattoo session and the afternoon's piercing session, or I definitely would have passed out.

How's it healing? Pretty well, so far - although, naughty, I do forget to clean it more often than I like to admit. I've had little to no pain the whole time, with about two days of bleeding that quickly healed up. I'm only about two weeks in - but I'll be sure to update a few weeks/months in!

Have you got any particularly painful piercings?

Sammy (brave soldier, as confirmed by Tom the piercer) xo.

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