Monday, 3 August 2015

Gin Tasting With Liquor and Allsorts

Of all the gin joints in all the world, Katy and I picked a shadowy back room with some ominously lit candles. Sound weird? I'll backtrack. For Katys birthday, her brother got me and her a gin tasting experience - an interesting choice of present given that Katy doesn't drink spirits straight and I don't drink, well... At all, pretty much. So, it was with slight trepidation that we lined our stomachs (well, I had a packet of quavers, some wine gums and a cinnamon swirl), braved the Saturday morning bus over to Liverpool and made our way to a gin tasting that took place pre-lunch on a Saturday lunchtime.

Cocktails and Other Cures

Having never have been to Frederik's on Hope Street, where Liquor and Allsorts hold their event every Saturday, I didn't really know what to expect - but for somewhere outside the city centre, albeit barely, it was very easy to find. So, in the shadow of the Metropolitan Cathedral, we slipped into Frederik's low lit bar and took a seat at the bar to wait for the tasting to begin (to see the live updates of the event, you can go and check the hashtag #katyandsamgogintasting on Twitter). We were taken into a darkened back room - very atmospheric - and settled between three other couples at the back of the room. Each table had enough plates for people on there, a glass each for the gin and a cake stand of beautiful cakes (which I neglected to take a photograph of as it turns out non-bloggers don't understand the don't-eat-until-post-photograph rule!) Nervous, but ready - we grabbed our complimentary gin cocktails (very aniseedy, not to my taste, but interesting) from the bar and took a register.

Orange And Lemon Segments

 Phil, our host, started with a brief history of gin and then got to the bit everybody was waiting for - shots of gin. There was something for everyone (even me, not a massive drinker at all!) we had cardamom infused gin, grapefruit infused gin - we even made our own G&T's, infused with herbs and fruit of our choice, which was fun, and finished off with what I strongly suspect was a martini glass full of apple sours (although Phil insists it was an appletini). The afternoon tea, included in the package, was definitely not to be sniffed at either - we had midway snacks of bacon and cheese muffins as well as some scones and some sweet little pastries. 

Lesbian Couple

Did we have fun? Damn straight - not so much the gin, but the people we shared a table with (shout out particularly to Margaret and Dave who took photos for us, entertained us with their jokes and put up with us giggling all the way though) definitely made the experience one to remember. I also learned that Liquor and Allsorts do a similar experience with whiskeys and I'll definitely be looking into it for my dad and my brother. Liquor and Allsorts is definitely good respite on a Saturday afternoon if you're around Liverpool - you can order tickets here.

Have you ever done an alcohol tasting? Thanks to Josh for ours!

Sammy xo.

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