Wednesday, 12 August 2015

You ain't special Oxford Street / Lush Haul

The time has come, Oxford Street - you might be the golden child but your crown is slipping. People no longer have to visit you for The Experimenter, or Frozen; gone are the days of bad Youtube descriptions of smells. That's right, guys - the Lush collection that was previously Oxford Street exclusive is slowly but surely rolling it's way into all high street shops (and buzz on the street and behind the tills in our Liverpool store, only slightly bitter about being shunted from their top spot of biggest Lush storefront in the world by the way, is that we'll be getting more or less all of the products - minus gourmet soaps etc.)

Lush The Experimenter

I mean, it's not quite 220 exclusive items, admittedly - but our local Lush store definitely has enough to make me child in a sweet shop giddy, so this week - despite me having already picked up some oldies by goodies online, also shown here - I grabbed some new-to-most-stores bits and pieces. Let's start with the ultimate favourite; Avobath. I always feel like this is such a copout when I buy it, it does nothing except turn my colour a weird pastel green colour - but the smell is so fresh and my skin feels so nice afterwards that I do keep going back and back. In this order I also grabbed a You've Been Mangoed bath melt; this reminds me a lot of the smell of Dragon's Egg, only contains a lot more oil as you'd expect and left my skin so silky smooth and fruity smelling Katy insisted on smelling my arms.

Lush Avobath

I'm guilty of always sticking to what I know in Lush, as I'm sure many of us are - so this time I branched out and got a few different bits and pieces. First up - Fun. I'm super annoyed that I haven't bought any of these before - I grabbed the pink one on a whim knowing you can use it as bubble bath and it's pretty cheap for the amount but, oh my god, this as shampoo is amazing. The pink fun is supposed to smell like sweets - I wouldn't say it reminded me of physical sweets, but it is sweet in a subtle way. Basically I love this stuff - plus I can make baby piglets from it before I wash my hair. D'Fluff Shaving Soap was next and I've wanted to try this for ages - but finally made the jump after tearing a huge piece out of my leg shaving it last week; I wouldn't say this smells like strawberries but it's not repulsive, I'm willing to give it a bash. Last but not least in the try section, Dirty Toothy Tabs - sort of like biting into a tablet of bicarb but mellows out into a spearminty foam so swings and roundabouts; I'll like this a lot more when I'm travelling, I think.

Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs

Last up - NEW PRODUCTS. If I'm honest, I could have gone a lot more crazy with this as there was so much that I wanted - Cup Of Coffee is at the top but Liverpool only had huge pots. This time though, I decided to stick to bath bombs and bubble bars. Intergalactic is a super pretty blue bath bomb with pink, yellow and white running through it - this is one I can imagine buying again and again; it's subtly minty and fresh smelling and out of all the new products it's definitely one that I gravitated towards. Next up was the Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar - I never had this as a bath bomb as when I bought it for a present it broke apart which put me off, but this strikes me as not smelling much like the original. Irregardless, it's not unpleasant - it's meant to be lemony but I mostly get ginger; I'm not massively into it, but it makes a nice change from the super sweet Comforter. Last but not least, The Experimenter. This isn't one that I'll be going back to - but I needed to see what it looked like in the bath. I love the look of the product, but the smell puts me right off - this is allegedly vanilla-esque although I don't think it reminds me of that at all - I find it a heady sort of scent, almost bordering on incense.

Lush Intergalactic

All in all, I have a well stocked Lush drawer - no doubt I'll be giving reviews of things as they're finishing up, and no doubt more will be making their way to me in brown boxes.

Have you bought anything from the Oxford Street range yet?

Sammy xo.

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