Thursday, 24 September 2015

Blurb Photobook

I am obsessed with photographs - I have polaroids hanging in my room, I have photo strips randomly strewn throughout my diary and books and boxes entirely full of selfies with friends and printed photographs that I probably wouldn't remember now if I was put on the spot. So, when Blurb offered me the chance to make my own Photobook* I jumped at the chance. Photos and books mixed into one? Yes, I'm 100% on board, sign me up.

graduation photographs

I played around with the site a lot before I got to grips with it and made the perfect book - I decided to make the book using their online tool instead of downloading software specifically to really get the whole experience. First up - I love the importing from Instagram and Facebook; I know a lot of sites let you import photographs from Facebook now, but it's nice to see the options to easily add Instagram photos as, let's be honest, that's exactly where most of our best pictures find their home.

blurb photobook label

Now, you will hit a few sticky points using Instagram photographs, and even certain Facebook photographs. Making an Instagram book (which you can do here) is possible, but I will point out at this point, that the layout for that book is different than I would have liked so I had to start out from scratch make mine. I tried making a large square book, not wanting to stretch already square photographs however it turns out that Instagram photos seem to be too poor quality to be stretched this large (which I'd thought would probably be the case, if I'm honest) and, as there isn't a medium square shaped book, I had to settle for the small square book. Save any picture I tried for the cover being flagged as too low in resolution, the whole process was easy to use - it's a drag an drop system with all of your photographs ready in a bar across the bottom of the screen. I enjoyed using it and I like how many options there really are even just using this basic software.

This came in around 4 days I think, which is impressive, and I have to say that the quality is amazing. I did a nice thing for my mum and got my brother's graduation photographs made into one she can show around and, as it was a little special and a keepsake, I opted for a hardback book. The photographs, most of which are photograph to page, are glossy and clear - even those I worried about the resolution with turned out fine with just the slightest adjustment.

front and back covers

You can add around 18 photographs to these books I think - although I think it would be nice to be able to add a few more photographs, or remove some if you want to (as it is, pages without photographs will still be added but left as plain white photograph paper), but my mum seems to like it (probably as there's a rare photograph of me and my brother together where we actually seem to want to be there). At £27.21 I'm not sure I'd be splashing out for another one of these, unless it really was a special event of some kind. Expensive? Yes. Well made? Yes. It really is a lovely book, just probably not for every day photographs in my opinion, as it is on the pricier side (however, I am told that myvouchercodes often has offers on, so keep an eye out.)

Have you ever bought a photobook before?

Sammy xo.
*Products marked by an asterisk(*) were sent by Blurb and myvouchercodes in consideration for a review, however this has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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