Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Kneads Must Kneader

Katy and I love massages - not in a creepy way, more just that both of us are old before our time and there is nothing better than feeling knots in your back straightened out; and so when Beauty Crowd Pro told me they were sending out a kneads must kneader, we couldn't wait to give it a go. I have to admit that when it arrived and came with a whole DVD of instructions, I was a little dubious as that made me think it might be a little further from straightforward than I'd anticipated - but then I accidentally threw the DVD away which alleviated much of that worry (I did watch the videos on YouTube though, to avoid any massive disaster).

ominous kneader

Katy expected this to be a sort of flexible rubber, but it's a hard plastic - in theory, this is great because it really would work out knots; however, in reality? Not so much. The videos are as you'd imagine, you use an oil to prep the skin and then rub the larger side over the back avoiding directly pressing on the spine, then swap to the edges and the thinner side to tackle more precise areas - easy. Or not so easy as it turned out. We tried this with an oil to absolutely no avail - unless you're super skinny but have absolutely no jutting bones, this will almost definitely catch uncomfortably on at least some parts of your back. 

Thinking it might be the oil that we used we swapped to a thick-ish lotion which is what we'd usually use - but this didn't help with the catching and the kneader just seems to collect the oil or lotion and push it around instead of actually kneading it into the skin like would happen if you were using your hands. We considered using a massage candle (for reference - I'd recommend these Lovehoney massage candles if you're in the market for some) but decided if it all got caught, it would then solidify and be impossible to get off and so after much trying, we sacked it off.

finger kneading

All in all - I'm torn about this. After watching the video and both Katy and I giving it a solid go, I'm reluctant to think that this is human error on our behalf - yet, I can't help but think that, to have it go so wrong, we must have missed something along the way. Having said that, where it did work - this really did feel pretty nice and so, it's a toss up. Maybe it's user error, maybe it's poor body shape on both mine and Katy's part - who knows. I do know that this unfortunately just doesn't seem to work for me.

Have you tried anything similar - if so, share with us your tips!

Sammy xo.
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