Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mojo Food Launch

If there's two things I evenly split my waking life between, it's eating and blogging - so, when Mojo invited me to their new food launch* this Thursday just gone, I jumped at the chance. I'll admit - I haven't spent much time in Mojo but when I found out it was a rum and cocktail bar, I knew it was Katy's sort of place and, when I read the menu, it became abundantly clear that it was exactly my sort of place too. Bonus. You know when you walk into a new place and it's so unlike what you thought that it was going to be that it makes something swell inside you - like, it genuinely makes you happy? I think I speak for the four of us that went along (I spent the evening gossiping with Katy, Aisling and Hannah) when I say that Mojo felt a little like that. Some of us had danced there on nights out, some of us had never been - but Mojo was warm, quirky and so much more than I'd ever imagined it would be when I spotted the neon sign down the world's smallest side street.

Everything about the night was amazing - from the cocktails and popcorn we were welcomed with, to the appetisers that we shared, to the truffles that we ended our meal with. Having already corresponded with Sam and Sharon via email it was lovely to be able to put names to faces for the PR team, and we also got to meet the lovely Emily (their marketing specialist) and Mal, their director. We were sat down with a cocktail (mine was A Mezcal Cooler which I'm told starts with a base of smoked tequila, cointreau, lime and pineapple juice all topped with a mint garnish), a bowl of popcorn covered in their base rub and a whole ton to catch up considering I last saw the girls a whole week and a half ago.

After the popcorn came the food - and oh god, was it good. We started with Quesadilla, Mac and Cheese Ball and Fried Pickles, which really stole the show for me (yes, me; the girl who still picks her gherkins out of her burgers with a look of distinct disgust). After this we were treated to The Achiote Burger (Achiote pork with a heady mix of chipotle mayo and jalapeno poppers), The Veggie (a beetroot and bean burger that really did take my breath away) and The Chicken (Fried chicken thighs with jack cheese and their Lousiana no.1 hot sauce). All were honestly phenomenal, but there's something to be said about a bean burger you would pick over meat even when you're not vegetarian, and The Veggie definitely hit the spot. Always keen for new experiences, we also delved into Chicken Wings - half with Lousiana Hot Sauce no.2 (so spicy and yet so good) and the real star of the night; the half that were smothered in peanut butter and jam (so wrong, and yet we all agreed so, so right.) We also had a nice recommended Pinot Grigio to go alongside it, which even for us (not massive white wine drinkers) was a brilliant choice and just added an extra something to the meal - and Grant Burge Pinot the really does come highly recommended from me.

The night was lazy and long, and we were barely halfway through the gossip when the brownies (rum and ginger spiked, and amazing) showed up on the table, but we still managed to chow them down and finish the hard shakes popped alongside them - we had the Barrel Aged Hard Shake (a milk shake made with vanilla, ice cream, bourbon and maple syrup) - and then settled down for a good old gossip and a coffee. We also got a little truffle each made with the same base seasoning that the popcorn we'd had when we arrived had - and it was delightful, just like the popcorn (but in a totally different way). We ended the night being offered cocktails from the new menu and so I gulped down an espresso martini with rum (amazing, but not nearly enough caffeine for me) and, after we'd finished talking about just about everything that's been happening in the last week (bare in mind we're all at another event together a mere week later) we said our goodbyes, promising their PR Sam a night doing showtune Karaoke at a local bar, and headed back home with bottles of hot sauce and base rub (and full, satisfied stomachs).

All in all, Mojo surprised me - not just by introducing me to new foods I actually liked (seriously, the fried pickles and the peanut butter and jam wings are the ones to beat), but by also being just so... perfect. There's something about the whole thing that just pulls together - the casual attitude to the food that they've put so much thought into to make it perfect, the matched drinks they seem to have for just about everything, the friendly smiles from everyone around. It's undeniably a place I want to settle down and have lunch in - a dive bar at first glance, with projectors with now playing screens on, and tv's in the old school pub toilets. It's comfortable, homely and - the more Mal told me about the stories behind it, the more I realised - so well thought at that it couldn't be anything less than perfect.

I'm not one for going out to eat, but I'm taking my mum and dad next week. Mojo have got bars in Manchester and Leeds to and I really do suggest you give it a go - it'll change your view on the notorious late night bar for good.

Sammy xo.
*This meal and included drinks were provided by Mojo Liverpool in return for the consideration of a review - This has no influenced my opinion in any way and all opinions are my own. Honestly, the PBJ wings are something else, entirely. Read my disclaimer for more.

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