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I'm sure Katy will agree that it felt like forever planning #NWmeet, and yet at the same time - it seemed to roll around so quickly we could barely stop it snowballing - but we managed to pull off the event to support The Recovery Bag Project. I'm really proud of how this event came about, although I have to admit that we just seemed to hit a lot of luck along the way; we did manage to gather together an amazing group of bloggers to come along, as well as some really brilliant brands. If you followed the #NWmeet hashtag, you may have known that we kept our location a secret to the bloggers - all simply got a set of directions that led to a tall brick building in Liverpool Docklands between a brewery and a steelworks. It might have looked unassuming until they got inside and started climbing the stairs, but they were soon led to the home of Sleep In Rollers (and the location of the office of a very big anonymous Scouse blogger) - The Secret Warehouse. We fell completely in love with everything about the venue - the meditation room, the main hall, the entrance ways and (as was favoured by so many of the bloggers) a gorgeous rooftop garden.

Girl Meditating

To keep things interesting we had a number of competitions and bits and bobs for bloggers to do - we had everyone pick a number and those that corresponded with a Disney Couture bag meant that that bag now belonged to that blogger. We also had a competition to guess the amount of midget gems in a jar (227, if you might be interested!) and the top four closest bloggers won a Jones&Jones dress each. On top of this, we also had a kissing wall - every blogger could pick a W7 lipstick, put it on and then kiss a piece of card, name it and pop it up onto the kissing wall with mini pegs. Everybody got really involved with these and we had so much fun - congrats to everyone who won something from any of our competitions!

kiss prints
Jones and Jones Dresses

We also had a make your own food bag table with a lot of sweet treats and some brilliant drinks - we had offerings from Green and Blacks, Propercorn, The Cake Days,  Primal Pantry, Blk Water and Just Bee honey infused water - these cakes were amazing, and I may have stashed away a cheeky bar of butterscotch Green and Black's for myself before everyone arrived and nabbed them! I had the Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Propercorn as well, which I love and Katy tells me the Sweet and Salty was also amazing. The blk water was literally just water infused with minerals that made it black - this was a bit hit and miss; mostly it just tasted like normal water with a slightly metally aftertaste (like the water in Sheffield - I'm told)! The Just Bee honey infused waters were amazing - Katy, Caitlin and I couldn't get enough of the Blueberry and Lemon variation.

food table

We'd set out a whole lot of props - glasses, moustaches, hats etc. and an instagram board - and let the bloggers loose to play with them in front of the huge selfie mirror that everyone was so keen on taking photographs in (including the Lush staff, when they arrived!) It really was lovely to see everybody laughing and taking group photographs with people that they might have only met today - plus there were some photographs taken that will never not be funny, if I'm honest.

instagram cutout

We also had some brands come along; Megan and Martin came from Lush and gave the bloggers a demonstration on how to best do a facial at home using their products (this was interesting and hilarious in equal measures - thanks to Martin for being a guinea pig so nobody had to give up their make up for the rest of the event). There was a lot to look at, plenty to take part in and even a few cheeky power pauses (apparently this means pausing after asking a question until somebody feels like they have to answer it, interesting stuff!) Lush also provided special gift bag for each blogger but there's way too much to shove into one post so gift bags will definitely have to go in a separate one. Later in the afternoon, This Material Culture also nipped in - a gorgeous Liverpool jewellery brand who gave us a really interesting talk about what they're looking for in a blogger from their brand perspective; they're lovely and super friendly and I'll definitely be talking about them in a later post as I bought a few sneaky treats.

lush liverpool

Phew, nearly finished I promise - there was a lot to get through and some pictures that I just couldn't bear to miss out! Last but not least - we also had a Girls On Film t-shirt for each blogger to pick up and of course, the raffle (which worked out nicely - bloggers that won twice passed their win onto people who hadn't won, and so everybody got at least one prize). I won the Cath Kidston bag, and Katy won a meal for two at Almost Famous - though there were offerings from Got 2 Be, Boden, Black and Sigi, Cloud 9, The Good Life Festival, Kawaii Box and Boomf Marshmallows amongst many, many others.

cool raffle prizes

This feels like it's been the absolute longest post ever but I just want to say I'm honestly so thankful for everyone that came along and helped us to support The Recovery Bag Project - we raised over £100 for a really amazing cause; we hope you had as much fun as we did. I also want to say a massive thank you to Katy, and I'm just so proud of all the work she's put in that I could honestly burst.

Sammy xo.

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