Monday, 7 September 2015

Pilaten Hydra Pore Cleansing Mask

Okay, I love this stuff. Remember the days of Biore pore strips and you used to rip them off and then marvel up close at the grossness that you just managed to drag out of your skin? That's exactly what this stuff is, only better. Katy told me about this stuff all the time when we first met and I finally got the chance to try it at her house a few weeks back - when she told me how cheap it is and I saw the results for myself, I ordered some sachets and a tube of it on Amazon for myself.

Pilaten Tube and Sachet

This goes on as a black, very thin gel and then sets on the skin. Whatever you do - only use this on your problem areas (middle of the forehead, nose and surrounding skin and the chin; I am giving you fair warning that, although I can luckily say that I haven't done it myself, I know some people have put this on their whole face and I can only imagine the pain of trying to rip off something that is literally intended to drag stuff out from under the skin's surface. You might think that this goes without saying, but honestly this is described as a mask and none of the instructions on my tube or the packaging that it came in is actually translated to English at all, and so it definitely could be a really easy mistake to make if you'd never actually used before.

I tend to absolutely hate peel off masks as a whole - I don't think that they set properly and so I can't get into bed and then lazy peel them off because more often than not, unless I leave the masks on way longer than they're meant to be on for, I can't get them off the peeling way and so have to go and wash them off. The bathroom is at least five steps outside of my bedroom door - it's a real struggle. This genuinely does set, though you do have to be careful with how thick you spread it as otherwise you end up taking off the top layer but still being left with sporadic patches of wet gel.

What it looks like inside

Does it work? Yeah, it really does - and in fact I usually feel as though it's done a better job than biore strips ever seemed to do and it's definitely not as harsh as pore treatments that I've used in the past. Out of the sachets of this stuff (of which you can get 20 for £3.50 here) you can get a solid two treatments in my experience, and out of the tube (£5.81 here) the uses seem genuinely endless. I have to admit that this does tend to be very gloopy, particularly the sachets, as it's quite thin and so does tend to end up all over the bathroom - but it's so inexpensive that I can't bring myself to be annoyed about the waste, and it's really easy to clean up with some water.

All in all, I'm a huge fan of Pilaten, especially for the price - what pore treatments do you use?

Sammy xo.

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