Wednesday, 23 September 2015

This Material Culture

I'm going to be straight up when starting this post - this isn't a sponsored post (my god, I wish it was, I'm in love with this company) it's just that I rarely find a company that I form such an emotional bond to. I love quirky jewellery - I always have and This Material Culture has it in abundance, something a little different to add as a prized piece to your collection.

If you read my #NWmeet post - you'll know that this was a brand that I invited to come along, knowing little about them except having seen a few pieces in Super Cute Box and knowing that they were based in Liverpool. Emailing Rebecca was the start of a love affair (not with Rebecca, who has a husband, but rather with the company). You know there are companies that just seem a little special? Companies that you're proud to say - hey, these guys came from my city and you should check them out because they're something else? This Material Culture was one of those.

I bought a pizza necklace from them, and a lotus one for Caitlin when we were at the event (I can't remember exactly how much, but around £5/£6 I think) - and they're fabulous, just the right length and fabulous pricing considering the quality. I know a lot of bloggers also bought rings from them, of which Caitlin and I scoured and spotted some favourites including a My Little Pony one and a Jack Skellington one. On top of selling jewellery, Rebecca gave us a really interesting speech that gave us a solid insight into what companies (or their company in particular) look for in a blog review. All the way through talking to This Material Culture, it's felt personal in the best way - they feel accessible and friendly in a way that you don't always see in companies.

All in all - I just wanted to say go and check them out. Pick out a jewellery piece with a little bit of a difference, drop them a tweet - just go and take a look because they really are a brand with a little bit of a difference and this is sort of my love letter to them.

Like I said, not a sponsor - I'm just a big fan.

Sammy xo.

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