Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What's (really) In My Handbag?

Oh come on, we all know it's not just pretty diaries and gel pens thrown in with your purse and your phone - everyone's bag is a minefield of crap they've managed to accumulate since whenever you last emptied it out. So, in the spirit of being truthful (and because it strikes me as hilarious) I thought I'd show you what's really in my bag right now. If you're interested, my bag is a Michael Kors - I'm not sure what type if I'm completely honest, but I'm pretty sure it's now discontinued (mine is also a little scuffed, oops).

Michael Kors Bag

First up - the useful stuff. I have a (nearly) matching purse to the colour of my bag in here - I can confirm that this is filled with as much crap as my bag itself is (including, but not limited to, receipts, bus tickets and many, many loyalty cards), but nothing that I thought was worth you seeing! I also usually carry round two coloured and a black pen, for a diary that seems to have gone missing somewhere along the way it seems, and also hand cream which I've literally remembered to use maybe twice. Katy's Mum was impressed I had Elizabeth Arden hand cream once though, so - there's that.

Mulberry Purse

Other handy things found in pockets etc included a red One Direction zipper bracelet (which will be worth a fortune when they finally go on that break), a forever tangled skull bracelet (which is my own fault because I have basically knotted it together) and a lighter (very strange, as I only ever use them to light candles. Of which there are none in my bag; spoiler alert). I also have a mandarin flavoured EOS which I feel weird putting on in public, a purple lipstick from Barry M I don't recall ever wearing, Diesel L'overdose that I'd worn to the Botanist party a few weeks ago and a packet of paracetamol that will undoubtedly go missing completely between now and me actually needing them.

One Direction Bracelet

Junk. Seriously - so much junk; mostly junk gathered simply because I'm too lazy to walk to the bin. I found 3 invoices from various parcels, 6 receipts, some labels and business cards and a drumstick that I've left in a candy striped bag because, judging by the nature of this part of my post - I'm a lazy rubbish hoarder. This is further proved by the Quavers, Barney Bear, Love Hearts, Millions and Maoam wrappers that I also found - I'm a heathen.

Receipts and Invoices

Now for the fun bits - a handful of various Maoam (promptly eaten after this photograph was taken) - I love Maoam but I never buy it for myself, however when Katy was poorly we bought it to share and she shoved some in my bag; I'd forgotten about it until I was doing this post so, you know, swings and roundabouts. I also have a few sets of toys in here. Let's just remember that I'm twenty one for a second - although, in my defence, I didn't buy them. Over the Summer both Lidl and Morissons were giving away toys with purchases and so I made a small stockpile - the Sofia The First pairs game will probably go to my younger cousin, however the Stikees are all mine, I think they're hilarious.

Maoam Stripes

So, there you go - that's what's really in my bag, rubbish, toys, sweets and all! Don't pretend yours isn't just as much of a graveyard! 

What's the weirdest thing in your bag?

Sammy xo.

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