Friday, 11 September 2015

Wishlist - Get Your Boots Out

I spent my life growing up in Dr Martens and, although I rocked them with dresses for a while during my teenage years, there came a time that I needed a new pair and couldn't face the horror of breaking new Dr Martens in. So, instead, I started shopping around; and there came the love for boots in general. I love the versatility of boots, although I only wear trainers with my jeans, boots can go with just about everything else and - given that I'm always freezing - anything that gives me a little more of a barrier against baltic Liverpool winds I consider to be a bonus! 

patterned cat boots

1: Lori Ankle Boots (Jones Bootmaker - £120)
I'm a sucker for a good brogue and so when I saw these leather ankle boots from Jones Bootmaker, I knew I had to have them for winter. I'm all for investing in a good shoe that can be worn casually and formally, and I feel like these could be just those. Similar enough to my beloved brogues to be a great winter alternative without my mum being able to shout about how I keep buying identical pairs of shoes (not all black ballet flats are the same, mother.)

2: Cat Walala Beet Red Boots (ASOS - £70)
Katy and I both fell in love with these boots upon first glance, there's something sweet and comic book-esque about them and - although we both agreed they would make the perfect edition to any shoe collection - we just can't work out what we'd pair them with. It probably won't stop me buying them though, if I'm honest.

dr martens 6 holes

3: Rieker Ocean Boots (Shoetique - £62)
I want nearly all of the Rieker boots, if we're being upfront - but, these combat style boots only remind me of The Princess Diaries, which makes me want them even more than I normally would. These are the perfect styled down pair of boots, and ones that I actually might risk swapping out my trainers for and wearing alongside my skinny jeans (it's only a pity that I don't have a ballgown and a tiara to pair them with really...)

4: Dr Martens 6-Eye Boots (Asos - £110)
Okay, I know what I said about Dr Martens, but tell me that these aren't adorable. Shorter than the traditional 8-holes I really think that I could make them work (after going through the hell of breaking them in, of course) - and I'm so, so keen on the white alternatives to the usual yellow stitching and laces.

5: Holly 70's Chunky Ankle Boots (Topshop - £69)
I've gotten a pair of ankle boots like this for the last three years or so and, realistically, I don't need another pair - having said that, I love the colour of these and so don't be surprised if they end up in my collection. In my defence, I'm as lazy as you can get and so pull on boot are my dream.

What boots are on your wishlist?

Sammy xo.

This post is written in collaboration with Jones Bootmaker and Shoetique - for more information please view my disclaimer

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