Thursday, 1 October 2015

Changing My Room For Autumn

Earlier this year when I decorated my new room I wanted it to fit the season, and so I bought lots of white and pastels and cushions with flowers and adorable little birds and so on - and it's done me well. Now though? Summer is well and truly over and the only thing I want is thick duvet covers, blankets and cushions with Santa's face on (too far? Too far). I thought I'd update you on what I hope will shortly be gracing my bed space (after all, everything else in my room is pretty much white, anything goes with white). So, here it goes - creating my new, perfect Autumn room in four easy steps.

Fairy Lights
Right now I've got tangled copper wire ball lights that I got from Marks and Spencer last year, but this year I'm eyeing up the Beaded Garland String Lights - I just think they're classy, pretty and much less likely to fall apart than the ones currently gracing my bed. Not to mention that they're way more in the spirit of Christmas (not that we're thinking or talking about it just yet, obviously). Having said that, these are nearly £30, so I'm definitely going to have to wait until payday and then close my eyes whilst handing my card over.

We all love some good Winter bedding right? I'm personally loving the flanelette single duvet sets at Yorkshire Linen  - last Winter it was all about brushed cotton for me; however I learned the hard way that this stuff sheds and collects like dust everywhere. For this reason (and because how cute are the stags on this set) I'm turning over to give flannelette a try - a little thicker means a little warmer, and that means toasty feet in the morning (and afternoon. and night).

I'll be keeping some of my less summery cushions, particularly I have a tartan one and a big, beige feather filled offering that I'll be letting maintain their pride of place position - however, I'll be adding a few new ones to the collection. I usually turn towards Tesco for cushions, and I really like the crown design on this cushion - and we all know that I'm a full on princess.

I absolutely love a good blanket, but I'm so fussy about how they feel that it's hard to manage to find a really good one that doesn't make me want to vomit on contact (I'm being dramatic, but still). I really do like this starry throw from Matalan though - I'm well aware it doesn't match the bedding that I have my eye on, but I'm all about the mismatched prints; I think it adds to the true to life homely feel. Also, this really is the only part of my room that isn't a white and copper wonderland, after all.

What will you be changing out in your bedroom this Autumn?

Sammy xo.
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