Monday, 5 October 2015

Earlybird Tastebox

I'm a sucker for food - and although I always intend to be healthy I just tend to find myself grabbing the nearest packet of crisps/sweets/chocolate buttons and then moving along with them. So, when Earlybird offered to send me a Tastebox* to try out I figured it was probably a good time to kick my bad snacking habits into check. These are slightly more expensive than other similar offerings on the market - however it contains five snacks to the usual four in other boxes, as well as teas and dips every week.

There's something a little different about these boxes that's charming, and from the moment that this one arrived I got the impression that this is so much more than just a box full of healthy snacks. The shape, the artwork and everything that this box encompasses is so well put together and so well thought out - the snacks and their accompanying tea, the shape of the box itself, the artwork inside; it all just adds a little more to the experience than other boxes have offered in the past. Not only is there a snack for each day of the week, but the box also gives music links, downloads or tour dates, plus every 5th box is half price and every 10th box is free. Furthermore, every time the code on your individual share code is used by another person, you each get a free tastebox. A company that gives you a little something for scratching their back is one that's in my good books for sure.

In my box, I have 5 snacks and 2 teas - English Breakfast Tea and The Elvis' Tea. My snacks include Amuesli Sprinkle (oats, seeds, sultanas, apricots, cranberries, dates, hazelnuts, pecans and almonds), Fish and Chips (salt and vinegar peanuts and almonds with roasted green peas), Ying Yang Shot (sultanas, white chocolate and milk chocolate), Lost Your Marbles (roasted hazelnuts, almonds, white chocolate marbled blackcurrants and cranberries) and Strawcherry Jam (cranberries, strawberries and cherries). All the snacks are well balanced, and I like that not all are sweet, and I really like that there's even some offerings in there to actually add to things you might be eating already.

Overall, I really like the box. There are some niggly things that are a little let down for me - I'd like what's in the packets written on them so I don't have to search through the various leaflets that come with the box to work out what i'm eating, I'd like to know what's in the teas and not just the way that I should make them and I'd like a little more information on the tickets containing music information as I think if you didn't go searching out what this is for, it looks a little confusing. Having said that, these aren't things that would put me off ordering the box again, and they're definitely things that can be sorted - for a fairly upcoming company, they're definitely cracked it better than any other similar companies on the market, in my opinion.

Have you ever tried any snackboxes?

Sammy xo.
*Products marked by an asterisk(*) were sent by EaryBird in consideration for a review, however this has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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