Friday, 30 October 2015

Getting Ready For Halloween With #HQscare

When I was offered the chance to get involved with the #HQscare from HQhair campaign - there was no way I was about to turn it down. My two favourites things combined together, halloween and make up? Yes, please. I completely forgot that this was coming until this beautiful little package of horror arrived on my doorstep for me to play around with - thanks, guys!

This came a little late to be involved in my tutorial that went up on here - but I did manage to use them in the cat look that I used over on our Youtube Channel when we were carving pumpkins. I have to say - I tend to stick to high end these days but I was really surprised with the eyeliner offerings that came my way from Rimmel. You may recall if you follow me on Twitter that I had a little falling out with Kat Von D after the #NWmeet incident (Alice Cooper really wasn't the look that I was going for.) and so I'm always in the market for new eyeliner. Surprisingly, given how I remember eyeliners performing in my teens, Rimmel really did pull through with these liners.

I haven't used a pencil liner in forever, and when I saw that this Exaggerate Smoke and Shine had glitter in it I didn't think that was going to change - but when I noticed this sucker was waterproof I thought I'd try it in my waterline (although if you try it on your skin, it does have a handy little smudger on the end). This stuff really is immovable, and the glitter doesn't really translate onto the eye just makes it look a little less harsh - this isn't great if you're looking for a glittery halloween look, but if you want something that you can use year round then this is definitely the one. The Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner has quickly become my go to eyeliner - solid black, completely waterproof and easy to use; this one really is nearly impossible to budge, so if you're looking for something to last your entire night out I'd say this is your one to avoid smudged whiskers.

I also got the Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in Jet Black - super pigmented with little fall out, good if you're planning on smoking your eyes out (I'm not, for Halloween - but I'm sure I'll always use a black eyeshadow) and also the Wonder'full Wake Me Up Mascara; I don't like the brush on this mascara but I do like that it smells like cucumber and makes my lashes look long, so swings and roundabouts.

The last two bits in the box (sans some nails which came without their box but were amazing, and you can see me wearing them in this video) were the most exciting - Zombeavers (no lesbian jokes, please) which we plan to watch on Halloween whilst playing horror movie bingo as well as a nail polish is a lovely sparkly black from my beloved ORLY called "Frenemy". Keep a look out tomorrow for any more looks I might do with my gifts!

Thanks so much #HQscare, and a huge Happy Halloween!

Sammy xo.

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