Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I'm A Friend Of Sylvanian Families!

Blogging can be a lot of hard work - I often find myself up at 4am wondering if I've remembered to schedule tweets for the day ahead; but there are some opportunities that I'm so grateful to get because of my blog, and this is definitely one that had me jumping for joy. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Sylvanian Families to ask me if I wanted to be a friend of their company as they're turning thirty (!!!) this year - did I want to blog alongside a company that shaped my childhood (and some of my adult life, I sneakily used to play with my cousin's when babysitting)? Of course I wanted to blog alongside them - I've always been a friend of Sylvanian Families in my head, just now somebody is recognising my dedication to the cause.

So, a few weeks ago I got a really exciting package from the company - including arts, crafts and a sneaky little surprise for me to play with during their thirtieth year - so, I thought I would share them with you;

They sent me tons of cute little crafty bits - colouring sheets (which I may or may not have already started by the time I got around to writing this post), some stencils of a bear and a rabbit, some Sylvanian Families stickers and even some playing cards. On top of that, I got some catalogues (which I really enjoyed flicking through with Katy, turns out you can get dentists and school uniforms and everything, it's adorable), a calendar which I've become obsessed with, and the club magazine.

They also sent me (drum roll please) a little Field Mouse Family* to play with, as well as an extra little outfit for the little girl. I find it adorable that all of the families and characters are named - and these are very aptly named after Bridget Jones characters; the father is Darcy, the mother Bridget, the son Daniel and the daughter Helen. They come with clothes that all match in subtle ways and the male characters have brown noses, where the female characters have pale pink noses. These are all really sweet little touches that just add to the whole experience as an adult (also, how cute are those braces!)

They also sent me this adorable little Dress And Cape*, which will be perfect for when I want to dress them up for Christmas (which I probably will). The attention to details in these are amazing - not only do these have the classic soft fur feel, but they also have whiskers and a little tail. Honestly, I think these are wasted on children, they definitely seem cooler to me now that I'm an adult!

If anything, this package has only boosted my love for Sylvanian Families - I expect you'll be seeing a couple more posts before the year is out, maybe with some new arrivals!

Did you used to play with Sylvanian Families?

Sammy xo.
*Products marked by an asterisk(*) were sent by Sylvanian Families in consideration for a review, however this has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are completely my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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